Students face the world: How teachers can make students’ lives easier while decreasing stress

Students face the world: How teachers can make students lives easier while decreasing stress

David Perez, Reporter

High School can be one of the toughest times in your life. Getting through High School with good grades can be tough in itself.  Now imagine throwing yourself into the real world and getting a job to go along with that. Some students at James C. Enochs High School and schools all around the Modesto area have been doing this since Junior year. 

Balancing good grades at school and participating in sports while also being an outstanding employee are just some of the achievements that students are just not given enough recognition for. Sometimes these students need a break, teachers should be a little lenient when it comes to these subjects. Sometimes an assignment due at 5 PM can’t get done on time because of work, a good communication system between student and teacher would be very helpful. 

Speaking to several students who worked really gave a great insight into their daily schedule. Speaking to Johansen student Ralf Corla about being able to get school work done while sometimes having to work some long shifts he said “Sometimes it is challenging working 4-10” he also goes on to say “Sometimes I do feel a little behind on my school work but I know I can get it done.” Ralf works 4-10 most days and he appreciates the communication that he has with his teachers to be able to email them and for them to understand that work does get in the way sometimes. 

When asked if he thinks most teachers offer a little room of leniency on assignments Ralf responded “I’m not sure but I know a lot of students who work would highly benefit from it.” If more teachers at all schools were communicated with by students and offered a bit of leniency when it came to balancing school and work schools would see a lot more good grades and a lot more students soaring for excellence in the classroom and out in the real world. 

Students benefit from being able to see just how much they can handle, especially for seniors only months away from graduating. Dorian Alvarez, star football player at Johansen High School also has to balance working while being involved in sports and school. He is able to maintain a 3.6 GPA while also being an outstanding employee. When Dorian was asked why he works he stated, “ I do it because I like it, it shows me just how much I can handle. I like the challenge. I’m very close with teachers. I’m very good with letting them know if I can’t get an assignment in on time, they are very lenient and cool when it comes to that sort of thing.” 

Students aren’t asking for teachers to allow them to slack off but for them to understand that life happens. Not everyday are students able to persevere and keep their head high. Teachers were once students and they understand more than anyone.