How a fake school sparked controversy in high school sports


Troy Navarro , Reporter

Recently in the high school sports world, a big scandal regarding one major powerhouse known as ‘IMG Academy’ faced off against a fake high school that went by the name of “Bishop Sycamore”. The game started off as a typical normal football game, but then IMG proceeded to steamroll Bishop Sycamore into the ground. The average person would say, “IMG is just that good” or “This is why IMG is a powerhouse in sports.” If you look closer at Bishop Sycamore’s jerseys, they don’t seem very authentic nor school-oriented, which sparks curiosity into thinking, “Is this school even real?” As the investigation went on, it was found out that Bishop Sycamore was a fake, and every single one of their players had already graduated. How could something like this slip past the normal sports protocol? How would this affect the players as well as the schools? This is something that schools need to pay more attention to.

“I think that this topic, in particular, should be taken as a serious matter since the players’ safety could have been jeopardized,” said Sophia Aldaco, a proud student of Enochs High School.

According to gathered sources, ways this could affect the players on IMG academy is simple, the fact that they are putting themselves up against an unknown opponent. Putting players’ health at risk to play one game could mean the end of one’s career. Since “Bishop Sycamore” was blindly put into the ring with other schools like IMG Academy, what makes it seem like there aren’t other “schools” like that in the country under our noses? Maybe not Bishop Sycamore given their performance, but what if a fake football team’s intent is to hurt and injure other high school kids to ruin their life, or possibly end their career?

“As a parent, I wouldn’t want my kid participating in that game at all, due to the fact that the schools weren’t attentive enough to notice that they put a fake school in their game schedule. This could be dangerous for players who want to pursue football throughout their life. What if they get injured by older men who don’t belong in the high school scene? I’d never jeopardize my kid like that.” said an anonymous Enochs parent.

No parents would ever want their kid to be at risk, nor would their school. What IMG wasn’t expecting was the media control. Unnecessary questions would be asked that would divert their attention from their goals in football to a mindless scandal done by college players.