Making class fun: How teachers and students can come together to make school exciting

Students working in Mr. Campbell’s 1st period journalism class

Students working in Mr. Campbell’s 1st period journalism class

Xavier Baricaua, Reporter

Getting students interested in a class is one thing, but making a class fun is another. As students, we can say that fun classes not only get us to pay attention, but get people socializing as well. Teachers are also witnesses to how fun classes get students active, whether it be in a positive or negative way.

Despite the bright and energetic environment at Enochs High School, some students and teachers still wonder how to make their classes fun for themselves and for each other.

Mr. Campbell’s journalism class is a great example of a classroom environment that is enjoyable and educational for the students.

“I try to make class relatable to the students. Current events and things that are being talked about at their homes are things that get students talking.” said Mr. Campbell, an English and Journalism teacher at Enochs.

By talking about relatable subjects with students, teachers such as Mr. Campbell are able to get students actively conversing with each other and spreading creative ideas, which is a thing that students like about some teachers.

“Sometimes we have to strictly follow instructions instead of having our own way of doing things,” says Rohan Sidhu, a freshman at Enochs, regarding some of his classes. “It kind of restricts us from being creative.”

Mr. Campbell also agrees with having students do work their own way. After being asked what privileges he gives his students, he responds by saying “When we’re working on writing assignments, I don’t mind when [students] have their phones out or listening to music. Sometimes it helps them work.”

Although teachers like Mr. Campbell allows students to work freely, they do put down restrictions. Rules such as not distracting the class, being rude, and just acting as jerks really gets on their nerves.

Although occasionally there are bad times in the classroom, Mr. Campbell always looks forward to coming to work every day, and so are his and other teacher’s students.

“I think of it as a privilege more than a job,” said Mr. Campbell, “Their energy and their engagement and the way that they are inquisitive and curious. I enjoy seeing the looks on students’ faces when they are interested.”

Rohan Sidhu looks forward to coming to Journalism every day. “I enjoy the presence of having my friends there to work with me and help me. I enjoy my teacher’s attitude. It’s a whole experience in one day,” said Sidhu.

“I feel that I make class fun for myself because I have my own way of thinking and I always get to socialize with the teachers and understand how the curriculum works.”

When it comes to improving a classroom environment, there are things that both teachers and students wish that the other side can do to make classes more enjoyable. When asked about expectations for teachers, Sidhu added that “teachers should not be unreasonable with students when they are having a bad day. A teacher’s attitude shouldn’t interfere with how they teach their students and how they act towards them.”

Mr. Campbell wants students to be aware of others. He expects students to come into the classroom with an open mind, which would make a classroom a fun environment.

“Be open minded and try to be attentive. I think students today have so much more going on today, so they should be more open to what is happening around,” responded Mr. Campbell.

As every student has their favorite teacher, every teacher has their favorite student. Rohan Sidhu enjoys teachers who can get serious when working on assignments, but like to add excitement to their speech.

Mr. Campbell doesn’t really have a favorite student, but he does have students who he connects better with.

“I have loads of students that are class clowns and if I build a relationship with them and get them focused, everyone else in the class would follow.”

Mr. Campbell says, “At the end of the day, it’s about either finding out what they are interested in or getting them interested in something.” Making class fun for yourself and for others is all about being creative, getting interested, and getting to know everybody.

Other teachers can take these ideas into account for their classrooms to truly make learning fun.