Are seniors getting their full high school experience?


Seniors hang out in Entourage during the Luau football game.

Sophie Zehner, Reporter

As we know, schools around the world were all compelled to distance learning due to COVID numbers. When we begin our high school journey, we all look forward to our senior year and experience prom, graduation, the senior trip, etc. 

However, due to distance learning, the past two years’ graduating classes had their senior year on a screen and unfortunately did not have the opportunity to have a fun senior year. 

From the 2020-21 graduating class, Faith Hickman did not have the opportunity to engage in senior year activities, such as prom or football games. Though she was able to have her graduation, it was limited. 

“We all had to wear masks. We were able to take them off while walking onstage, but put them back on,” Faith said. “We were seated about 3 feet apart from everyone else.” 

Since her freshman year, Faith was looking forward to many exciting events, which were canceled due to COVID. 

“I was really looking forward to prom,” Hickman said. “Even though we were able to go back in time, we still weren’t able to have prom like the previous years.” 

Even so, Faith was able to interact with her classmates through calls. She feels like she missed the main parts of the year like football games, homecoming week, etc. 

To the 2021-22 graduating class, Faith says. “Try to do fun things and make as many memories as possible. Take in the moment because it will be gone before you know it.”

She said that if she had the opportunity to go back to her senior year, she would want to experience prom and have more people at her graduation. 

So far, we have been in school for two months, and seniors have been able to experience senior sunrise. Like most students, seniors are worried about whether or not they get to have prom, a senior trip, or graduation. 

Senior year is about making memories, prom, and growing up. Years from now, you will look back and remember your senior year. However, in this situation, it is hard to make the most of it and have fun.

Compared to Hickman’s senior year experience, Meadow Marckord’s senior year so far seems exciting. According to Meadow, she feels lucky to even be back at school and feels terrible for last year’s seniors who barely even had graduation. 

Since her freshman year, Marckord has been looking forward to many things from when she became a senior. “I have looked forward to having the whole high school experience,” Meadow said. “Getting good grades, being sociable, and making new friends.”

Due to COVID numbers rising, it is still too early to know whether or not we will have to go back to distanced learning. 

Meadow feels that it’s still early, and it’s hard to be sure if she will be able to have prom, senior trip, or graduation. “I feel like with COVID, anything can happen,” says Marckord. “It’s too soon to tell…” 

Another 2021-22 graduating student, Megan Tallcott, was looking forward to certain classes, prom, and the senior Disney trip. According to Megan, this year is going well so far, her AP classes were taken in her earlier years of high school, which allows her to have fun during her senior year. 

Since COVID has happened unexpectedly, it’s hard to confer that seniors will be able to experience all of the ‘senior year’ activities.

“I feel like they are going to find a way to make it work, but it is definitely not going to be the full experience we have been hoping for,” Megan said. 

Since prom and graduation are months away, Tallcott says, “It is too soon to tell whether we will have prom. Since I am in leadership, as far as we know, we have not been cleared to have dances yet.”

As we all know, COVID has not gone away and now there is a new delta variant, which is as dangerous. Hopefully, schools will not have to return to learning at home. 

“Honestly, I do not think we will have to go back to distanced learning,” says Megan. “Since many were hard on the subject of learning from home, they will find a way to make it work and keep students at school.”

In contrast to the 2020-21 graduating class, Megan has mixed feelings about being back at school: “Yes and no. It is a lot nicer being in person so I can actually learn and interact, but you do not have the option to be online for tests.”

Ha, we are with you there Megan.