Playoff Preview: Can Enochs football come out on top?


Players and coaches pose for the camera after beating Central Valley.

Logan Eckerfield, Sports Editor

For the first time in 10 years, Enochs football has made the playoffs. It is a very exciting time for students, staff, and the players. 

League rivals such as Downey and Gregori are a part of the Division 2 bracket, meaning the only familiar foe we could match up against is Turlock.

For the first round, Enochs will play against Del Oro in Loomis, California. Del Oro, nicknamed the Golden Eagles, have a 6-4 record on the season. They have scored 184 points, and allowed 183. They are currently riding a two game win-streak coming into the game.

Del Oro will have to lean on Junior QB Jakob Hamilton after losing Senior Ryan Lewis to injury.

The offense is not as strong behind Hamilton. With Lewis in, they averaged 22 PPG. With Hamilton however, they average 11 PPG. 

This is no surprise, as the Sacramento area is filled with much higher talent compared to the opponents we have faced.

This team is definitely beatable, and if we play our best game, I believe we’ll come out victorious.”

On the Enochs side, however, we have none other than quarterback Keith Orona leading us into this matchup. Keith played his best season yet, throwing for a total of 1834 yards and 22 total touchdowns. 

“I feel confident. This team is definitely beatable, and if we play our best game, I believe we’ll come out victorious,” said Orona.

Key players on the Enochs team Yomi and Kola Babalola will look to continue their highlight reel of a senior year after carrying Enochs to the playoffs.

One concern players have going into the game is the defensive performance. Take our game against Gregori, for example.

Offense was strong; Keith threw for 288 yards with 4 touchdowns and 1 interception. Ultimately, the defense could not hold off Gregori, as we ended with a 61 to a 48 loss.

Players believe that there will be no stopping Enochs if the defense plays to its full potential.

Stress aside, this is a great experience for our student athletes to get college recognition, so we should make sure to support them and cheer them on whenever we see them at school. 

This is a very exciting time for our students and staff, and we should do our best to recognize all the hard work and dedication put into this season.

If you would like to watch the game on TV this Friday, November 5th, go vote on KCRA 3’s Playbook Game of the Week Poll to watch our Eagles play.