No home base – How the lack of a football stadium affects Enochs

The addition of a stadium would serve everyone, not just players.

Alexander Carlin, Reporter

The idea of adding a football stadium here on campus has always sparked intrigue among both the students and staff at Enochs High School. However, this isn’t something that has come to fruition, and has always been speculation rather than an actual idea or plan. Some people think it would be too much work, money, and space for something that would only benefit a small group of people at the school. 

But would a stadium really only benefit a small group of students? If you look into everything a stadium brings to campus, the addition of a stadium would more than likely be of use to nearly everyone, which in turn would make the requirements for a stadium worth it if they’re beneficial to all and not just a few. 

It would be a great asset to the football players and coaches, who could have a true home for their program and team, as well as the rest of the students who could have a set place for memories on Friday nights. Students would also have a new area for rallies, graduation, and other events to be held. 

For the football team, it would greatly help with their practices. A stadium would give players a better quality of field to practice on that’s familiar to their team during home games.

“Field lights would give us much more flexibility for practice times, so we could have night practices instead of having to do them right after school in the daytime” said Alex Battan, a player on the varsity football team here at Enochs. 

When it comes to the actual games, he said, “A stadium would give us a real sense of a home field, and since it would be here and closer, more people would show up to the games and a greater sense of school spirit would be present at the games, which would be a huge boost to the team.”

A stadium may even end up helping the team perform better because the support and spirit for the team would be better. This is something only available to three Modesto City Schools currently: Downey, Johansen, and Gregori. 

If Enochs had a home stadium, games would be more accessible to the student body and give more students the chance to experience all sports games. A changing home field every game can be extremely inconvenient for transportation.

Besides sports games, it could become the center of community on campus and become a spot where we can expand student events. Any sort of outdoor rallies would immediately have a convenient spot to take place, which would be of huge help during Covid restrictions. Other events that may need to be outside can take place in the stadium too. 

Adding a football stadium at Enochs would clearly bring tremendous benefits to the students and community, as it can be used for many events and bring our student body together. There would be more opportunities for outdoor events and players would finally have a home base.

The real question is: when will the district start this project?