What happened to the Enochs dance team?


Sophie Zehner, Reporter

A few years ago, Enochs had a dance production team, which was coordinated by our very own dance/aerobics teacher Mrs. Whiteaker. Other schools such as Johansen, Beyer, Downey, Davis and Modesto High have their own dance teams and are known for their success. 

Mrs. Whiteaker taught dance production at Davis for about 5 years, then came to Enochs when it first opened. Around the second year Enochs had opened, Mrs. Whit set up the dance production team. Since she is a dance teacher outside of Enochs and has her own studio, she knows her way around the dance floor and was very excited to start a new team for Enochs.

The Enochs dance team was successful for 10 years! In the beginning, all students at Enochs were allowed to audition, but it later changed to only juniors and seniors.

Dance production was considered a class, and dancers had to wear dance attire such as leotards, jazz or ballet shoes, tights, etc. The dancers choreographed their dances, and then performed at other schools and at Enochs.

After a year off, Mrs. Whit came back to coordinating the dance team. Due to lack of support and dancers becoming competitive and rude towards each other, Mrs. Whit decided to stop the dance production. 

Though dance production was successful from 2007- 2017/18, it had many issues that led Mrs. Whiteaker to make the hard decision of ending the dance team. It had a successful run, but the negative environment was not worth it. 

Coordinating the dance team was hard work. According to Mrs. Whiteaker, she doesn’t want to reestablish the dance production team because she remembers the extra time and stress she had to put into it to make the  team successful.

Though an Enochs dance team sounds nice in theory, based on Mrs. Whit’s experience all those years ago, implementing the dance team is the difficult part.

It would also be hard to find someone willing to coach a dance team, as well as funds to make it happen. 

Since there is not a large amount of support for reestablishing the dance production team, it looks like Enochs dancers will have to find another studio. In the meantime, the dancers at Enochs can showcase their talent  in the annual Talent Show and/or theater arts. 

Let the Eagle Eye know in the comments: would you like to see a dance team reestablished?