Tips for overcoming the most stressful week of the semester


Brooke Brogan

Senior Ethan Tornberg studies for his math final.

Arianna Marble, Reporter

After the lovely week of stuffed turkey and welcoming of Christmas cheer, here comes the one last obstacle students need to overcome right before they can enjoy their long-awaited winter break: finals.

Finals have always been a stressful time for students and cause many to cram their last five months of learning into one night. A lot of people can blame their mental exhaustion on the late nights spent trying to remember every little detail pertaining to the variety of subjects taught in school. 

However, there is a way to combat these grievances and further heighten your chances of being successful and prepared for your final exams. So, no need to stress, and feel free to follow these tips to enable you to complete your exams with confidence. 

First of all, try studying the most important and beneficial topics before focusing on the more minute details. 

For example, David Perez, who is an Enochs senior preparing for finals, said, “I put myself in a room and make myself push through all my homework. I study my hardest and try to understand the most important concepts.” 

Comprehending the most significant and helpful material will ensure you have a basic understanding of the most valuable information needed to complete your exams. Many believe that they should commit equal time to studying for each test, however, they’re really taking away from their opportunity to dedicate time to where they need it.

Likewise, procrastination and waiting until the last second to prepare for your exams is never a good strategy. 

As one Enochs English teacher explained, “Don’t cram. It’s death by a thousand lashes. So before studying for about 5 hours for your finals, try to study 15 minutes or so a week before to better retain information.” 

Our minds are not able to maintain some of this information in such a short amount of time. Also, our attention spans cannot focus on one subject for large quantities of time. It is better to create a schedule for yourself and make time to study in much shorter increments at a time. 

Take three slow, steady breaths. Remind yourself that you’ve been getting ready for these tests all year long.”

It is also important to control your breathing. One college student offered their interpretation of how to relieve finals stress: “If you’re feeling nervous when you sit down to take the test, take three slow, steady breaths. Remind yourself that you’ve been getting ready for these tests all year long.” 

Finally, one of the most crucial things to do before finals is to relax and get a good night’s sleep. 

It is not fair to your mind or body if you do not take care of yourself and stay nutritious. Sleep is always needed to work at your fullest potential. It may be tempting to stay up late studying, but remember you’re going to need energy and focus while taking your exam.

Good luck to everyone taking their finals this year, and hopefully you can implement these tips and use them to the best of your ability!