The stress of college due dates

The stress of college due dates

Morgan Lettice, Reporter

Even with the passing of the first college application due dates, the stress of college still looms over our seniors. 

October and November deadlines included early action, early decision, and regular decision for some colleges. Although the early application dates are not the end all deadline for college applications, it is still important for the students applying.

Some students also have January application dates, as well as scholarships they are applying for. With the added pressure of these applications, is it possible to balance the stress of school work?

Many people have this preconceived idea that senior year is supposed to be a breeze and an easy year to get all A’s. But the problem with this is that colleges want to see that a student still has rigor in their course work. This means that students who want to get into a selective college still need to take AP class their senior year, sometimes 3 or 4.

This turns students’ senior year from what was supposed to be a relaxing year to a very difficult one. Along with that, balancing school work and filling out applications for college is a stressful process. It can result in many damaging consequences, such as falling behind in school work or in college deadlines.

Not every senior application process looks the same. Depending where they are applying, some students may find college applications not as stressful as others. For example, Logan Eckerfield has already been accepted into ASU and is completely done with the college process. Logan stated that the college application process was “not stressful at all.”

Part of the reason Logan gave for the process not being stressful was because he knew what he wanted to major in, which helps narrow down the colleges that he would apply to. Logan picked ASU due to their sports journalism program, along with the fact that he finds ASU the best fit to set him up for future success. 

Although October and November started the madness, the last of college applications are typically in February. Additionally, students have scholarships and college decision releases to focus on for the next few months. This can make schoolwork much harder to manage. 

No matter what type or when the college application is completed, it is a stressful time for seniors.