Avenge our Eagle totem this Friday


Logan Eckerfield, Sports Editor

Happy winter homecoming week everyone! Tuesday morning, the Eagle Totem that stands between the library and C building was nowhere to be found. 

This totem, a gift from the class of 2015, was discovered on the Gregori campus. By lunch time, it was back where it belongs. Our boys basketball team plays at home against Gregori this Friday, so the stakes were raised when they stole our totem.

The last basketball game against the Jags resulted in a 52-43 victory for the Eagles. 

That match up was an extremely competitive game, and now, over a month later, Gregori decided to take out their anger on our Eagle. By doing so, they have made this Friday’s game one of the most important of the season. 

Not only do our players need to step up, our student section needs to be the loudest, wildest, and most engaging yet. We need to let Gregori know whose house they are in.

This rivalry began the day Gregori was opened. Let’s not forget that this is a school that copies the whole Enochs layout, just flipped.

Of all mascots to pick and all the wild cats in the world, they chose the Jaguars and stole the Jacksonville Jaguars logo exactly as is. 

Most schools have the decency to change the color scheme when using a pro logo, the same way Pitman uses the Philadelphia Phillies logo. Unlike Pitman though, Gregori has the exact same color scheme as the NFL Jaguars. Not to mention, they decided to copy off of one of the worst teams in the NFL.

The Jacksonville Jaguars have the worst record in the NFL (at 55-138) since Gregori opened in 2010.

Clearly, Gregori should consider creating their own personality, not just basing themselves after everyone else. It’s almost as bad as the annoying little cousin that comes to your house for Thanksgiving and tries so hard to act like you when in reality, it’s just sad.

Enochs is clearly the superior school, and if Gregori really wanted to be like us and have an Eagle totem, they should try to actually keep it longer than 24 hours. 

This is no longer just our homecoming game. This is the game that we show Gregori to never steal from us again. 

Everyone must show up to the game this Friday so we can have the loudest and wildest crowd there is. Come support our Eagles and avenge the robbery of our totem!