Omicron creates more and more empty desks this semester

How has this affected Enochs students and teachers?

Omicron creates more and more empty desks this semester

Sophie Zehner, Reporter

We have almost approached two years since COVID-19 shut down the world around us.

We are still feeling the effects of this – After winter break, Omicron has impacted the return rate of teachers and students.

As we know, Omicron, the newest COVID variant, is taking charge… and fast. After coming back from a three-week winter break, classes are looking more and more empty. Students have either switched to MVA, are out sick due to COVID, or are learning in person. 

Teachers here at Enochs either have no students out or many out due to something COVID-related. 

Ms. Brown, a Spanish teacher at Enochs, has about 15 to 20% of her students out on COVID release. Her biggest worry is that there will be a lot of teachers out with no subs to cover for them. Luckily, that hasn’t been an issue at Enochs so far. 

Going back online this semester is something that has worried students and staff. The state could consider the possibility of distance learning again, but until Omicron proves to be as dangerous as past variants, this option doesn’t seem likely.

Not only are teachers noticing the empty desks, but so are the students. Many students at Enochs have classes where a noticeable number of their classmates are gone. More and more students are absent due to either being exposed or are sick with Omicron. 

Just missing a week of school, it’s more difficult for students to keep up with schoolwork. Students get an extension to complete their missed assignments when they’re gone, but if they miss a week or more, it becomes more overwhelming to catch up with their homework. 

Logan Eckerfield, a senior at Enochs, said, “I’ve missed 10 days this quarter, and it’s not fun at all to have to catch up on work. It can also be confusing if you don’t know where to look for assignments.”

Many have high hopes that we won’t have to resort to distance learning, but it is too soon to tell. With more people getting sick and exposing their peers, it looks like COVID won’t be going away anytime soon.