What’s next for our seniors?


Brooke Brogan, Co-Editor-in-Chief

It’s that time of year again. College admissions decisions are rolling out for some students, and many more will be released in the next few months. 

Seniors have until May 1st to decide where they will be spending the next chapter of their lives. Whether this is a four-year university, community college, trade school, or the military, exciting changes are coming for Enochs seniors. 

Senior Morgan Lettice has visited many colleges across the United States in hopes to discover the best fit. When asked what she is looking for in a college, she responded, “I really want smaller class sizes where the professors actually teach rather than a TA. I’m also looking for a fun student life, sports games to go to, and good weather.”

Morgan added that she really wants to be in a place that she enjoys living in, so that she can go off campus often.

Phillip Jaramillo, another senior at Enochs, has almost decided where he will be this fall. After finding out he received the nomination from Congressman Harder for all three military academies, he received a $200,000 scholarship from the Naval ROTC for whatever college he goes to. 

He is leaning towards choosing the U.S. Naval Academy in Annapolis, Maryland, but will make his final decision after visiting West Point. 

No matter where our seniors end up, it will be exciting to follow their journeys. Like all high school students in the past two years, the class of 2022 has not had a typical experience.

The pandemic has almost cut out the middle portion of their four years, as they went on distance learning sophomore year and didn’t return completely in person until senior year. 

Personally, Morgan doesn’t feel like she’s had the full high school experience. 

“A lot of us don’t feel like we’re actually seniors because we missed over an entire year. There were no sports or events for a long time, and we feel a lot less prepared than usual seniors,” Morgan responded.

Despite these challenges, the class of 2022 will be resuming “normal” senior activities at the end of this year, such as having an in-person graduation and going on the senior trip to Disneyland. 

Senior and Italian foreign exchange student Alby Ghisolfi cannot wait for the end of the year activities with his class. He says that he is excited to experience prom for the first time. However, all good things come to an end.

“I’ll be really sad when leaving,” Alby said.

The seniors have had an eventful year, and the Eagle Eye staff wish the very best luck for the class of 2022! Let us know in the comments where you will be in the next four years.