Meet Jeff: Enochs’ dancing campus supervisor

Jackson wows audience with dynamic dance moves

Nikki Sheaffer

Sophie Zehner, Reporter

Jeff Jackson, a campus supervisor here at Enochs, recently performed in the Eagles Got Talent talent show and killed it! His performance has been the talk of the school for the past couple of weeks. Interestingly, his performance was entirely freestyle, when it looks like it took hours of choreography. 

Most don’t know this, but Jeff has an extensive background in dance. He has been dancing since he was only 15 years old. Since then, he’s been judging dance competitions, such as ‘Motown Boogie’, the ‘West Coast Championships’ (which took place in Stockton), and so much more. Not only did he judge these competitions, but he also competed in them as well. 

Growing up, Jackson was fascinated by watching his brother and his friends dance. They would practice in their basement, and he would watch them for hours. 

Throughout elementary and middle school, more and more, Jeff loved the art of dancing. By the time he was an upperclassman in high school, he and his family had moved into the Stanislaus County area, where the “popping animation” type of dance was becoming the new style of dance. 

Popping is a technique of dance where the dancer looks like a character being animated by stop motion. Jeff focuses on this animation/popping type style of street dance. He’s been competing since high school and has loved it ever since. 

Once popping began to erupt with popularity out of Oakland, Jeff met new people and formed a crew. Traveling to Stockton and Fresno, Jeff and his crew would battle other groups. 

Since Jeff was a well-known dancer in the area, people had asked him to judge some of the local competitions.

Jeff enjoys judging these competitions because he likes watching how younger generations are interpreting this type of dance style and incorporating it into their dance skills. 

Additionally, Jeff likes the creativity and individuality that is shown through each crew’s performance, as these dancers come from all over to compete. 

When judging, Jeff looks for the three main components in each performance: musicality, creativity, and/or true popping if he’s judging a popping type competition. 

These types of competitions are everywhere around California. If he had the time, Jeff says he would go to the bay, Stockton, and other places to judge these competitions. 

The last competition that Jeff went to, he battled different types of people with various styles of dance and of all different ages. 

According to Jeff, “Since it was an ‘All Styles’ competition, and it wasn’t specifically my genre, it kind of took me out of my comfort zone and I had to be creative with my dancing.” This was his favorite competition because he had to push himself to express this creativity.

Though Modesto hasn’t had a competition like this since around 2017, now that the pandemic is coming to an end, Jeff has high hopes that Modesto will have another competition soon.