How do administrators prepare for the end of the year?


Ethan Tornberg, Reporter

With the end of the 2021-2022 school year coming to a close, many school events and student activities are quickly approaching. 

Students often take the smoothness of these activities and events for granted, but it is due to the hard work and dedication of Enochs administrators that any of this happens. 

From the spring dance to senior nights and graduation, administration at Enochs are working hard to ensure that students and seniors enjoy their final days of this school year. 

Mr. Drake, one of Enoch’s assistant principals, comments on the build up to these events and the work that goes into them. When asked what is it like to plan out so many end of the year events for students, while also running a normal school day, Mr. Drake states “It’s hectic! Many of the events are planned by other departments/employees, like our SBO Secretary Nicole who is in charge of the school calendar or our ASB director Ms. Mariano. However, as an administrator it is our job to make sure they are properly supervised by campus supervision staff and administration/teaching staff to ensure that students are safe when they attend events.”

Additionally, according to, on average administrators work nearly 60 hours a week. This number can be even higher during end of the year activities. 

When attending these events, students should be mindful of the work that goes into them and the people who gave their time to make sure students have a safe and enjoyable highschool experience. 

This is the first year, in many, that Enochs is able to host many end of the year events. Mr. Drake says that it has been “Much easier to be honest. In the past two years there were many things that needed to be considered before hosting any event, especially indoors. With most of the restrictions lifted and people feeling more comfortable with the changes in society, planning/hosting an event feels like how it was pre-pandemic, normal.”

In the future, more and more of these events will continue to return and more people will have the opportunity of the high school experience.

When asked what students could do to help administrators and staff out with end of the year planning and events, Mr Drake says that students should “Communicate with your peers. Most of the issues we have are from students not paying attention to announcements or coming under-prepared to participate/attend events”.

“Seniors can ensure ease of activities by sharing accurate information with one another and making sure that everyone is informed correctly so that we can admit and monitor students easily without any issues or complications.”

End of the year events and activities are a fun and exciting way for students at Enochs to enjoy the end of their high school experience or school year. By following directions, keeping mindful of what you need to bring for each event, and communicating with your peers, students can all enjoy these events and help out administrators.