Saying goodbye to the class of 2022

With the end of the year rapidly approaching, seniors reflect back on their time in school and how their lives have changed over the past four years


Ariana Marble, Reporter

Time is closing in for highschool seniors and their much-anticipated graduation. From being the newbies surviving the awkward stages of freshman year, to the short-lived and unexpected sophomore year, the virtual challenge of junior year, and, most memorable, the great achievement of finally completing high school senior year. 

For many, this senior year appeared to be bittersweet with the unforeseen events that occurred throughout the school year. To start off, a variety of students became concerned with the new school regulations resulting from the previous, online-driven, school year. Everything seemed to change with the new mask mandates and limitations that were caused by the COVID-19 uproar. However, seniors were still able to enjoy their time in class by being optimistic and realizing the importance of their accomplishments in school, pertaining to both their learning and sports programs.

For example, school involvement/spirit was massively demonstrated by the students belonging to the class of 2022. Coming off of COVID-19, many students participated in more football games by showing support for the Enochs players, school dress-up days became more popular and accepted, and senior nights became memorable moments for those departing from their beloved teams. 

Even with these various achievements, seniors still had to face the difficulty of their school life being impacted by the restrictions of COVID-19. Many events were believed to be canceled because of this infectious virus. Various classes seemed to lack attendance with students missing due to exposure or coming down with the sickness as well. Likewise, school events were sometimes postponed or completely dispersed because of people becoming infected with COVID-19 or being sick in general. 

Yet, even if it was towards the end of the school year, students still seemed to enjoy their time here at Enochs and make the most of it. One senior communicated that, “I really liked it here at Enochs because I was able to hangout with my friends again and meet new people.” This shows the more optimistic perspective a variety of students adapted to due to the restraints of their new school year.

Another thing students belonging to the class of 2022 were looking forward to were their college admissions and academic accomplishments. Having to face the new realities of the world and still manage to prosper through highschool and continue an academic journey through college is always something students should be proud of and understand is probably the most rewarding when graduating from school. As one student put it, “I am now able to move on with my life and achieve my goals with everything I have learned in highschool. I was able to grow as a person and learn more about others throughout these four years. I greatly appreciate everything and everyone that helped me do so.”

Congratulations to the class of 2022 for completing their final year of high school with pride and determination. Live well and enjoy college and the experiences you will gain as you continue your education!