MOD-EL – Enochs’ Esports League Is in the Works

From the basement to the classroom, video games are here in a big way

Augie Manzano, Opinion Editor

Many things can be associated with teenagers around the world. Things such as teens getting their licenses, being rebellious, and just wanting to do their own thing. One thing that can be associated with teens is playing video games during their free time. Many schools and universities like Utah University are part of an esports league of their own where they compete against other schools. An interview with Enochs’ Mr. Drake discussed possible moves for a Modesto City Schools esports league, and what it would entail.

Esports, for those who are new to the topic, is electronic sports and is a competition using video games usually played by organized teams or individual players.

When Mr. Drake was interviewed about a possible esports team for Enochs, he stated that an idea for a league was brought up last year during May in the hopes that it would be something that could get students to be more engaged with others, and improve social skills for the students here at Enochs with the name of the league being MODEL(Modesto E-League). Drake then went on to illustrate that there has been progress made for the league to become official for all the schools in the Modesto City Schools District.

Mr. Drake informed us that the Esports Director would be Mr. Richardson, and that there will be professional equipment for the league, like new gaming computers and headsets for the teams. The games that will be played include Rocket League, Valorant, and League of Legends. There are also hopes to expand to other games like Super Smash Bros Ultimate as well as hopes to expand into other schools outside of the Modesto City School District. 

Mr. Drake then went on to state that, “there will be more meetings that will be discussing an e-league and we’re really excited to keep moving forward on this goal of ours.” Mr. Drake hopes that the league will be up and running by October, and while not everything is set in stone for right now, he is certain that an esports league will be happening in the future. 

Drake finished by saying, “This should be a good thing for Enochs and for Enochs students as a whole and we’re really excited to be working on this project.”