An in-depth look at the Premier League season

The world’s best soccer league is at its peak right now. How is every team doing so far?


Brandon Alvarez, Guest Reporter

This year’s 2022 World Cup was an absolutely enthralling competition whether you were drawn in by the spirited efforts of underdog countries, captivating comebacks, or the magnificent goals scored, it’s difficult to deny the entertainment of the event.

However, the excitement does not have to end with the World Cup as the 2022-2023 Premier League season is well underway, and proving to bring the consistent drama and amazing soccer it usually does. Or football, if you’d like to call it that.

Within the Premier League, each team is highly intricate and their performance can be assessed on many different levels. However, each team’s performance this season in this article will be summarized in four sentences or less in a rapid-fire sort of fashion starting with the team in first place and working our way down the list. If you don’t have a team to support yet, you may be able to use this list to know a little more about each team and hopefully pick one.

(All placings are being recorded at the time of article creation, March 7th 2023)

Arsenal (1st, 63 points)

Throughout this season Arsenal has proved to be a serious title contender and a huge improvement on all fronts since last season. This can be attributed to a number of reasons but a huge one is the spectacular coaching from manager Mikel Arteta truly solidifying Arsenal’s quick paced and hard pressing playing style. Although led strongly by the impressive efforts of Martin Ødegaard, Bukayo Saka, and Gabriel Jesus, their whole team is performing, pushing their dynamic capabilities. Arsenal’s play speaks for itself and their place is preserved for the time being at 1st.

Manchester City (2nd, 58 points)

It is no surprise that this season Manchester City find themselves the closest to the league leaders Arsenal this season. They are arguably the most consistent team in the last 10 years, winning the league five times in that decade. With the usual masterclass of Kevin De Bruyne and fresh transfers such as the goal scoring giant Erling Haaland, Jack Grealish, and Julian Alvarez they are cooking at their usual pristine temperature. As long as Manchester City remain in the league, Arsenal cannot feel too comfortable in the first place position.

Manchester United (3rd, 49 points)

Manchester United have seen improvement on all fronts this season. The shaky defense from last season has been revitalized with the likes of Raphael Varane and Lisandro Martinez, the midfield has seen increased passion from the veteran Casemiro, and the attack shows new ferocity from a new and improved Marcus Rashford. If they continue the passion then a top four finish is still possible however there are still holes in the lineup that can be visible, with questionable score lines(losing by a whole touchdown to Liverpool). Much of the success this season can be attributed to the efforts of Erik Ten Hag, the new manager.

Tottenham (4th, 45 points)

Tottenham look to be in a similar position to their final finishes in recent seasons. Their consistent high place finishes can be seen as a product of the iconic English striker Harry Kane. However the team has seen a recent drop in performance from the equally talented Heung Min-Son who was the joint top scorer last season without penalties. All in all, Tottenham are a solid team who are striving to play Champions League football next season.

Liverpool (5th, 42 points)

Liverpool did not have an ideal start to this season. Liverpool were extremely hit or miss for the beginning of the season which was a huge contrast to their usual squad strength. To replace the crucial attack of Sadio Mane who left last season they signed Darwin Nunez from Benfica who although is the subject to much jokes about his goal scoring ability has not actually played all that bad this season. Additionally, their fresh signing of the dutchman Cody Gakpo is finally beginning to settle in this season as Liverpool are approaching consistency across all areas of their squad.

Newcastle (6th, 41 points)

Newcastle is without a doubt the most improved team from last season to this one. For much of their Premier League career they have spent it fighting relegation but this season is far from it, even touching the top three at an earlier point in the season. Strong efforts from the breakout Diego Almiron and the fierce captaining of Trippier have solidified the foundation of Newcastle. Although there has been a recent drop in performance, they will without a doubt be far from relegation this season.

Fulham (7th, 39 points)

Sitting next to Newcastle on the Premier League table is the also new and improved Fulham FC. Although shifting through second tier football and the Premier League consistently, Fulham rose out of the Championship this season with some fire. Highlights in their attack can be seen in the clinical Aleksander Mitrovic, tallying eleven goals despite being hindered by injury this season and even featuring American defensive player Tim Ream. Fulham are the highest placed team out of the championship this season and their hard work cannot be overlooked.

Brighton (8th, 38 points)

Finding themselves in better form than recent years, Brighton look to be on an upward trek in the Premier League. Graced by a strong midfield as a product of World Cup Winner Alexis MacAllister, passion of Danny Welbeck, and the shiftiness of educated Mitoma, Brighton are playing strong football. Definitely a team that cannot be looked over as easily as they have been in the past. 

Brentford (9th, 38 points)

Brentford arising out of the Championship last year found themselves at lower middle table at the end of the Premier League season. Already sitting at above middle table they are giving a more spirited performance here in the Premier League. Expected to take a break from the Championship and stay in the Premier League for a while. Brentford have also had quite the inspiring score lines against big table teams.

Chelsea (10th, 34 points)

Where to start with Chelsea. Out of all the top six teams this year Chelsea have shown the least passionate effort and as a consequence found themselves in the dead middle of the Premier League table. This can be attributed to a lot of factors, loss of important players (Kante,Jorginho,Rudiger and more) and the random sacking of Thomas Tuchel, Chelsea look to be in their most miserable form in years. Furthermore, the business of Chelsea has been terrible in spending hundreds of millions of dollars on new transfers who have not put any convincing stats up as of yet.

Aston Villa (11th, 34 points)

Finding themselves at just below the middle table mark is Aston Villa. Their defense is headed by the strong stature of Tyrone Mings and usually their attack is usually fueled by the shifty Brazilian Phillippe Coutinho who has found himself in worse form than recent years. Also housing Emiliano Martinez, the iconic Argentinian World Cup winning goalkeeper, Aston Villa look to have a decent lineup. However, they just find themselves stuck in the middle table.

Crystal Palace (12th, 27 points)

Crystal Palace started off the season with some fire, ascending the ranks. However they have failed to obtain a win in their last five games, sinking them further and further into the worse side of the table. Still headed by the swift forward, Wilfried Zaha Crystal Palace need to begin more drive to climb the ranks again.

Wolves (13th, 27 points)

The Wolverhampton Wanderers are being led in terms of goals by Ruben Neves and Daniel Podence, both clocking in 5 goals this season. Although Wanderers are registering high shots per game, they are failing to put away many of these chances. Additionally contributing to their below middle table placement is their crippling ability to keep possession. 

Nottingham Forest (14th, 26 points)

Another team who is freshly promoted out of the championship this season, they are the 2nd highest but not near touching Fulham. Nottingham Forest are having trouble adjusting to the high pace football of the Premier League. Only registering one win in their last five games, most of Forest’s problems lie in poor passing and possession ability.

Leicester City (15th, 24 points)

Longer-term residents of the Premier League, Leicester City have had a disappointing season. Iconic striker Jamie Vardy has seemed to have lost the mass of his goal scoring ability that led the team to win the Premier League in their historic 2016 season. Although Tielemans and Maddison are brewing their own work to help the team rise, the rest of the squad has shown poor play, resulting in their poor placement.

West Ham (16th, 23 points)

Only clocking in 6 wins in 25 games, Premier League veterans West Ham look to not be completely out of the relegation question. Led by striker Jarrod Bowen with four goals and the declared “wonderboy” Declan Rice who somehow amounted to a price tag of 120m+ euros last season. West Ham’s possession is nothing but disappointing with an average of 42.8%.

Leeds United (17th,22 points)

Just above relegation are Leeds United. Having their star defender Kalvin Phillips stolen by giants Manchester City, they just can’t seem to recover without his leadership. Although Summerville is a promising youngster, the rest of the squad just can’t present the same flair. Some time in the Championship would help them hone their squad.

Everton (18th, 22 points)

Officially in the danger of relegation zone, Everton is an absolute mess. With poor performances and pressure from fans on the manager, Everton just can’t seem to catch a break. Although they are veterans of the Premier League, dropping into the Championship is entirely possible

Southampton (19th, 21 points)

-What a strange team. Southampton have been dragging along the lower mid table for the last few years and it’s not really a huge surprise they have found themselves just above last place. However Premier League fans still cannot seem to understand how midfielder James Ward Prowse just cannot miss a freekick.

Bournemouth (20th, 21 points)

-Finally in last place we have the terrible performing Bournemouth FC. There is always one team every year that rises from the championship only to get utterly pummeled by the masterclass of the Premier League which is what has resulted with Bournemouth. It would be great for Bournemouth to make a journey back to the Championship and assess all areas of their weakness.