It’s Pisces Season!

Exploring the signifcance of Pisces and why you should follow your horroscope


Aleena Rodriguez, Guest Reporter

It is officially “Pisces Season”! But what does being a Pisces tell about a person’s character traits, and how spot on is it really? Furthermore, are there distinct differences between February and March Pisces as well female and male Pisces, what are they and what causes them?

For those who may be unfamiliar with zodiac signs, the zodiacs date back to many ancient civilizations such as the Greeks and the Babylonians. The Greeks and the Babylonians have heavy influence over the current version of Western Astrology as they believed that the workings of the cosmos directly affected our general health and character. But the zodiacs are primarily derived from astronomer Ptolemy’s Tetrabiblos that had been published around 1,800 years ago, which is typically seen as the start of astrology. Ptolemy came to these conclusions as he divided the Earth’s orbit around the sun into distinctive 30 degree sectors, each sector being identified by a different sign, eventually becoming known as the zodiac signs. From that point, Ptolemy carefully monitored and documented the stars that could be witnessed at the time. As time passed people began using this baseline alongside the position of planets, stars and the sun on an individual’s birth date to find a person’s zodiac sign, widely believed to affect certain characteristics such as romantic compatibility, sense of self and many others. This is what led astrology to become so popular with Gen-Z as they view their daily horoscopes and buy merchandise with their corresponding astrological sign.

The zodiac sign of Pisces, is Latin for fishes and was derived from the constellation. This sign is of Babylonian origin as Babylonians had viewed the stars as a pair of fish joined by a cord. This pair is associated with the Roman myth of Aphrodite and Eros, who had tied themselves with a rope, jumped into a river, and transformed into a fish in order to escape the monster, Typhon. Pisces is the 12th sign in the astrological signs and represents those born between February 20 and March 20 and is one of the largest constellations, holding multiple major stars within it.

February Pisces v.s March Pisces:
As we know, February has come to an end and March has begun. March is typically seen as “Pisces Season”, however what is the real difference between February and March Pisces? The ruling planet of Pisces is Neptune. (This means the planet that is said to have the most powerful influence on Pisces when in the proper position.) Neptune is described to be the planet of dreams and illusions, which is what makes up Pisces’ character traits. However, the differentiating factor between February and March Pisces is the second co-ruling planet that March Pisces possess that February Pisces do not, influencing their characteristics. February Pisces are described to be “the most stereotypical” Pisces, as they tend to be more easy-going and creative, as well as deeply intelligent, innovative, romantic, and old souls. But also, struggle with boundaries, often late, and idealistic. March Pisces however are described to be more driven, sensitive, reserved emotionally, moody, empathetic, optimistic at times, and ambitious.

Male v.s Female Pisces:
Who knows how many times a person has posted “Pisces men/women are toxic/superior”, but why is that? It is believed everyone has both, female and male “energy”, depending on what a person identifies as, they will have either dominant feminine or masculine energy. Based on this, it corresponds with what “type” of Pisces a person is. Masculine Pisces tend to be described as less emotional than feminine Pisces, as well as obsessive, and possess manipulative traits, which connects to the stereotype of Pisces men being “toxic”. However, masculine Pisces are said to crave romantic attention and affection, but feel more reserved from that side of themselves. On the other hand, feminine Pisces are said to be more emotionally available, calm, patient, intelligent, strong, but also high maintenance and take better care of their health. Although outside factors can contribute to these stereotypes, after asking students on campus their thoughts they had differing views.

How Accurate are These “Pre-Determined” Traits:
After listing the traits of Male Pisces and Female Pisces to student Jasneet Dhillon, she stated, “Overall, mostly the positive traits attributed to me and overall Pisces posts are averagely accurate”. Similar to this, when student Victor Lopez was asked about the traits of February Pisces, he said, “Innovative, easy-going, creative, and romantic are the ones I’d say apply to me the most”. However, when asked about the stereotypical toxic traits, Victor did not relate. Yet, when brought up the traits of Pisces men, Student Kenny Velez, wholeheartedly agreed stating, “I would say yes, that Pisces males do crave for attention romantically or simply affection” and also agreed that Pisces males are often stereotyped as “toxic” due to the characteristics they are associated with since it can cause people to create bias towards him as he states, “Because I’m a Pisces male, when I meet someone they assume I’m a type of guy who doesn’t take relationships seriously and start to criticize me for being someone who has had multiple past relationships before getting to know me.” This proves that although astrology can be useful in terms of some minor characteristics, it is not entirely accurate to base an entire person off of. Astrology is a philosophical and a practical system used to explore and describe the nature of those around us, as well as ourselves. Nevertheless, based on students around campus, it is not a perfectly accurate way to learn about a person. Those who know about astrology know that all zodiac signs have some sort of stereotypes around them, Geminis are “two-faced”, Cancers are “too emotional” , Leos are “selfish” and the list goes on. Which is why it is important to acknowledge that astrology is a fun philosophy and can be interesting to learn about, but one’s final judgments about a person should not be entirely based on the stars. Ultimately, Happy Pisces Season!