What is the real reason the buildings are kept locked during lunch?

Campus safety is chief reason that doors are locked


Gabrielle Martin, Editor

What Is The Real Reason The Buildings Are Kept Locked During Lunch? 

Many students of Enochs wonder why there are restrictions to each building during lunch. Why are they locked most people ask? What is the exact reason? What if I need to speak to a teacher or take a test? What if I need to use the restroom and there’s a line at the cafeteria restroom? Have you been that student with these questions? 

After talking with Mr. Kevin Drake – Enochs High School’s newest Assistant Principal – and some other teachers/advisors on campus, it has become clear as to why there are these restrictions and what you as a student can do to get help during lunch or use the restroom when the buildings are locked. 

The most important thing as an advisor/principal/teacher at a school is to keep everyone safe and locking the buildings ensures your safety at all costs. When the buildings are open it creates possibilities for students to do things while unsupervised. For example, fights, drugs, hiding in bathrooms, etc. could be done during this time. So to make sure none of these things happen the buildings must stay locked. 

Mr. Drake was asked many questions about why this is convenient for the students. 

His response was, “Safety. We have over 2,400 students on this campus with 5 campus supervisors and 4 administrators that may or may not be busy at lunch so at most we have 9 people to monitor 2,400 students. Locking bathrooms at lunch eliminates places for students to hide, fight, smoke, etc. We have investigated the issue and never saw a line outside of any of the available bathrooms at lunch. We considered opening other restrooms at lunch like the L building to give access on both sides of campus, but there wasn’t a true demand. During multiple days during the first two weeks of school, all the administrators monitored the restrooms at different times, and not once was there a line that hindered someone’s ability to relieve themselves.” 

Mr. Drake has made the point that it isn’t a problem for students to use the bathroom and he had also stated that if you need to use the restroom and there is a long line you may go to the administrative office and ask to use the restroom and that also goes for needing to take a test or talking to a teacher at lunch. If you need help in any way during lunch you can always go to the administration office and get the help you need. 

Mr. Drake also states, “Every building has an administration office. If there was an emergency or a student had to use the restroom in the N or C buildings there are options within the admin offices where they would be allowed to go, but on an emergency basis only, as these are the restrooms that teachers, admin, and other staff need to use for daily requirements.” 

For most students who didn’t know about this opportunity to go to the administration office during lunch, if needed it is available to you. 

Most students find this as an inconvenience which in some cases, yes this is an inconvenience but after also speaking with Mrs. Sara Mariano, the leadership teacher, she is willing to have students come to her classroom if needed. 

She said, “I understand why it needs to be necessary, and as well as giving teachers a break I also think that some students need a place to go and an opportunity to hold club meetings. I allow students to come to my classroom during lunch so it has not been an inconvenience.” 

Although the rule of keeping the buildings locked can’t be changed there are ways around it that are still keeping students safe and convenient for those who have meetings with teachers. 

It is also possible that this information could be announced during the mornings so that students are aware of the possibilities and opportunities that are available to them during lunch.

If you have any other questions you can contact or speak with the head/assistant principal or the admin office for more information about this situation.