“I live for the rush on Friday nights”

What game day is like for me as QB1


Keith Orona, Sports Editor

When talking to other people about what they think it would be like playing a sport under the lights, with hundreds of fans watching, any answered that it would be nerve-racking and stressful knowing that all of those eyes are watching your every move.

But from my personal experience of being a starting quarterback my all four years of high school, nerves don’t really sit well with the job spot.

And to me, the nerves are the best part. 

Taking you guys through my game-day routine, I wake up and go to the kitchen to eat a big omelet my mom will make for me every Friday. After I’m finished, I put my jersey on and leave the house to go to school. 

I do my normal and everyday routine while getting ready for school. After sitting through all 6 of my class periods, I leave school and go home to take a nap for an hour and a half to make sure I am rested for the big game I will face that night.

After waking up from my nap, I will go to Subway or Mr. Pickles and get the same sandwich every single time – turkey and cheese, toasted. Once I get back to my house, I’ll sit at the kitchen table and rewatch some film on the team I’m playing to try and notice any new tendencies their offense or defense might have.

Watching film to me can change the whole aspect of a game. It can show you what exactly you can do to prepare for the team you are facing.

Finally, when it is time to go, I will pack my football bag, load up my truck, and drive to my game. I am a strong believer in superstitions, so I always listen to the same song at least one time before the game to really get me pumped up. 

When I arrive at the field, I go with my team to our side and we begin to gear up. The nerves start to flow in as I strap up my helmet and shoulder pads and prepare for the thrilling night ahead. 

Personally, I am always nervous about game time. Knowing there are always people excited for the night ahead, I know that all eyes are on me. Everything I do is being watched and criticized, but I know that if I do my job we will have a chance for a successful night.

With the nerves rising to new heights, I walk onto the field. My coach gives me the play and as we line up, everything goes silent.

I know that once that first snap happens, it is only business from there, no other distractions.

I love the excitement football brings me – the physicality, adrenaline, and passion I have on Friday nights are everything to me. To work hard and see my hard work in action is truly amazing.

I live for the rush on Friday nights.