Is the new schedule impacting extracurricular activites?

Students share their concerns about the new schedule


Adrian Ramos, General Editor

This year is the first year of the schedule change from a 7:55-2:06 normal day to 8:30-3:29 being a normal school day. The later release time has affected the schedules of students who do activities outside of school. The day now starts half an hour earlier but it ends an hour and a half later.

A student here at Enochs, Julian, said “Oh yea, I get home around 4 and I have to go to work at 4:30 and I work until later at night so there’s no time to rest.” A lot of students who have time consuming activities to do after school cannot find time to rest or focus on personal things in their lives. Some students have to stay the full day at school and still go to work after school until late at night and they lose a large amount of time that they could use for themselves. It is important to consider how later times may hurt students.

Yet, there are still students who haven’t been affected by the schedule yet. Another student at Enochs, Michael, said “I still get out at the same time right now and haven’t had to stay after school.” There are still students who haven’t necessarily been harshly affected by the new days. It largely depends on how your schedule is arranged and how many different things you have to do after school.

A student from Gregori, Sebastian, said “Honestly it hasn’t affected me as bad since I do have work experience but with the longer class periods it affected me in a good way since teachers are giving us more time near the end of periods to be doing homework and all. And I usually have it all done by the time the period is over.” This student’s experience has been more positive because of the extra class time allowing them to focus more on their work and having the ability to take work experience and get free periods at the end of their day. This is something that is available to the older kids on campus but they are the ones who mostly have their time consumed by things like work or extracurriculars.

There are many perspectives when it comes to how the schedule is affecting different students because it depends on how your personal schedule is arranged throughout the day. There are both pros and cons to be looked at from the schedule but there are ways to make it beneficial to you personally.