Bathroom blues: Trouble when nature calls


Emma Zulawski, General Editor

The way the school bathrooms are used have changed over the past few years. At first it was seen as weird to eat lunch in the bathroom or to hide in the bathroom for anything other than just using the restroom. Now, people are getting lunch and going in groups of 4 or more to vape or smoke in the bathrooms. Not only has this become a significant problem; it’s now almost something that is normal throughout the school day. 

In an informational article by SingleCare, they state that in the U.S., more than 27.5% of high school students use vape products. They also mention that around one million young vape users use their vapes daily. This information shows that most of these students who are vaping in the bathroom are doing the same routine daily. 

The insane amount of students who are going to these bathrooms and doing things they aren’t supposed to do are not just causing problems for themselves and their health. These students are also causing problems for the campus security and the admins. In an interview with one of the campus security, they were asked what it is like for them to have to deal with constantly checking and sweeping the bathrooms during the school day. 

“It’s frustrating for me as a grown man. I have spent so much time inside of a restroom for my job now which is something I never had to do before.” 

Through this battle between the campus security and the students, there have also been ways the administration has tried to prevent this from happening as often. They started to lock most of the bathrooms on campus during lunch hours except 2 bathrooms that are also surrounded by staff. This, however, has caused many complaints from students around the school. 

One student, Kenshin Covero, stated that it gets frustrating when he has to walk across campus or wait in enormous lines just to use one of the two small bathrooms unlocked during the forty-one minute lunch period. 

Students who end up just wanting to use the restroom while others are in there smoking also get wrapped up in the mess of having to get searched and called home just because they were in the bathroom at the same time. 

All in all both sides of this battle are annoyed at the actions of these other students, yet come up with solutions that both sides will agree with us is challenging.