Club Rush: This year’s booming success within the Enochs community


Emma Zulawski, General Editor

Every student deserves to be a part of their school’s community. Clubs are one of the most prominent examples and opportunities to be a part of something entertaining during school.  Club rush this year had an incredible turnout for the students. 

So many diverse clubs for so many different interests were presented for all the students last Friday. Cultural clubs such as Hispanic Student Association, Middle Eastern North African Club, Black Student Union, Assyrian Club, and Indian Student Alliance. Religious clubs like Eagles for Christ. And other clubs like Women in Gold, Key Club, Autism Awareness Club, Book Club, Drama Club, K-Pop Club, Dentistry Club, and Badminton Club just to name a few. 

Even though the heat was taking a toll on everyone that day, there were still extraordinary examples of people representing what their clubs were all about. Whether it be dancing, handing out flyers, or providing people with food. Music from all over was being played and listened to by the hundreds of kids crowding around the quad. 

Not only was Club Rush a huge success, the actual club meetings that have been starting recently are also booming with participation. Clubs have attendance counts of way over 40 people. Classrooms are being filled to the brim with people, to the point where there is no room to even breathe while being squished next to another person. 

Some people would view this as a negative thing. You wonder, “How would some clubs be able to handle and work with these crazy amounts of people?” And though that is a very reasonable outlook on the situation, this could also have a very positive outcome.

Like previously mentioned, Clubs are a great way to get involved with your school’s community. This amount of participation shows how many people want to get involved with the clubs that are offered at this school. A lot of participation in clubs also means bigger activities like bigger performances during culture week and more frequent lunchtime activities or shows from the different clubs at the school. So far the school year already looks promising with the amount of participation and new clubs being presented to the students.