College Stress: What’s next?


Julian Alvarez, General Editor

Senior year. When you think of senior year you think of easy classes, a fun time, etc. When you start the year and are  told about college, at first maybe you’re like “I’ll think about it later in the year” but then the college counselors come in, and then your parents keep on reminding you about college and you start to think, “man this is coming quick” and you’re not alone feelings like this. It’s normal to be nervous about your future. 

Senior year can be stressful because in many ways it’s preparing you for the next chapter of your life. When the counselor comes in and starts explaining the potential choices you have, and they show you deadlines for college applications, it can be very difficult to take in everything at once. It can feel like things are going way too fast. Thinking about what college you want to go to or if you want to stay close to home for a few more years – it sometimes makes you stressed.

Enochs senior Jack Duncan comments on the weight of college applications; “yeah it’s a lot to take in at once not gonna lie but that’s how it is you know.” He also said, “The deadline for applications are not that far away so I have to see.”

Student Yonas Workye also says, “No, it’s definitely scary not gonna lie, but I just need to take things one at a time.  Deadlines are soon too, they are in November or something like that.” The deadlines for college applications are coming up and time will fly by.

Applications for financial aid open in October and early college applications are due in November. The financial aid here in California, FAFSA, starts receiving applications and forms October 1st. It’s best to submit a form as soon as possible once the applications open up, and the deadline for them is June 30th 2023. Which is still quite a bit of time, but the sooner you turn in the application the better. Early decision college applications for Schools in California are usually in November and are known as Early 1. Early 2 – another kind of early decision application – is due in December, and regular decision college deadlines vary based on where you apply, but many end around January 1st.

To enjoy senior year you need to have fun and do more things to get involved, but with the fun you also have to think about and get ready for college. A senior cannot go through their whole senior year without thinking about college. It’s normal to be nervous about these things, but make sure to put those fears aside sometimes and enjoy senior year.