If mosquitoes went extinct would we even miss them?


Michael Catanesi, Sports Editor

As you may know there is a bad mosquito problem at Enochs and all over Modesto in general. The higher temperatures and increased precipitation have brought more mosquitoes now than ever before. The recent heat wave is not doing anybody any favors. 

Do mosquitoes even have a purpose in life other than to piss people off? Surprisingly they do – they are important pollinators for thousands of plant species, but those crops they pollinate are rarely plants that are important to us.

So let’s talk about mosquito repellent. People always seem to talk about how much they hate mosquitoes and mosquito bites but they never seem to do anything about it. Like hello – mosquito repellent exists so you don’t need to tell other people about your dumb decisions. It does a lot more help than hurt except for the fact that whenever you spray mosquito repellent it is impossible to not get it in your mouth. Mosquito repellent has more cons than getting it in your mouth. For some people, it can cause problems like rashes, skin irritation, dizziness, headaches, and nausea.

As an athlete, I have strong opinions about this because I have to deal with them pretty much every day. Whenever it is a short practice I get attacked by mosquitoes all of the time. The baseball field has a bunch of mosquitoes because of the wet grass which makes it even worse.

“I do not like mosquitoes. I am not a big fan – they bother me a lot,” said Enochs Senior Julian Alvarez – who has obviously been affected by the swarms of petulant pests. “I do not go outside as much because of the mosquitoes, it’s true.”

Another friend of mine, Adrian Ramos, echoed the sentiments.

“I do not really like mosquitoes –  the bites hurt me very much,” Ramos said. “I scratch myself and it hurts even more. Mosquito repellent helps but it smells bad and it tastes bad.

“There are a lot of mosquitoes in the area which makes it worse.” 

Genuinely what is stopping us from just putting mosquito repellent over the whole world to make the mosquitoes go extinct? Would we even miss mosquitoes if they were gone? You only think or care about mosquitoes when you see them or they bite you.

Also, why is there no cure for mosquito bites? We have been to the moon before we found a cure for mosquito bites. It feels good to itch them but guess what happens when you scratch them too much? If you said they start to bleed you would be correct. Like I honestly don’t understand why they even exist. They have no purpose; they just steal your blood and leave an itchy bump and they can transfer diseases.

If there is a devil on Earth it is definitely mosquitoes.