How did England handle the Queens death?

England says goodbye to it’s longest-serving monarch

How did England handle the Queens death?

Julian Alvarez, General Editor

The royal family, when you think about the royal family you think about the Queen of England. Queen Elizabeth ll passed away on September 8th after 70 years on the throne. She has been the Queen of England for our whole lives. Here in America it obviously didn’t affect us like it affected England.

Queen Elizabeth ll passed away at Balmoral Castle in Scotland. The royal family announced her death at 18:30 (6:30 pm) just 2 hours after she has passed and it sent shockwaves around the world. At one point you must’ve thought about how it felt to the people in the United Kingdom and how they found out. Once the media found out about the death there was an interruption in the broadcast telling people that the queen passed away.

Before that England would go into something called “Operation London Bridge”, a code for when the queen passes away. What that does is the first act would be to contact the prime minister and then they would tell the 14 countries the queen ruled that she had passed away. After the public finds out websites of the royal family would turn back.

After she passed the United Kingdom went into a 10-day mourning period. The queen’s death is also known as “D-Day” in the planning of the events known as Operation London Bridge. On the first day of the mourning period, they all meet up to officially crown the new King of England. On Day 3, the King would receive a lot of condolences from different people at Westminster Hall before going on a tour of the United Kingdom. He would attend services in Belfast, Northern Ireland, then go to Edinburgh, Scotland, and Cardiff, Wales before finally returning to London. Skipping forward to Day 7 of the mourning period the queen’s casket arrived at the Palace of Westminster via a ceremonial route through central London where it would stay for 3 days until the funeral. On the 10th and final day of the mourning period is when they have the funeral. After a funeral with more than 2,000 people in attendance including Prime ministers and presidents from other states, the Queen will be privately buried at the King George VI memorial chapel.

All coverage on TV is suspended, and most shops close on the day of the Queen’s funeral out of respect. Sporting events will be suspended from the day until the Queen’s passing until the end of the mourning period. The London Stock exchange closed on the day of her Funeral. We had a Queen of England for 70 years and this is the first time for many of us experiencing a death of a king or Queen in England so it’s a first for many of us experiencing something huge like this. It’s definitely different and unique to mourn and honor Queen Elizabeth ll.