Lights, Camera, Barlow!

Get to know Enochs’ well-liked video arts teacher


Jazlynn Oyler, Copy Editor

Here at Enochs we have many programs and pathways offered. Two of the classes here are Photography and Video Arts taught by Mr. Neal Barlow. Many students may not know who he is, so let’s get to know him. He teaches 3 courses – Intro Photography, first and second year of Video Arts, and Media Production. He’s been teaching for 22 years but it wasn’t always what he wanted to do. “I was either going to be a lawyer or I was going to pursue acting and drama so I went down to Southern California,” Barlow said. He decided to go down the drama path and ended up getting his teaching credentials. 

Mr. Barlow loves the subject he teaches and enjoys being able to get students excited about something he loves. “Not that I’m brainwashing them, but the idea that somebody goes, ‘hey I didn’t know where I was going’ makes it really cool each year when I see somebody realize they see themselves doing photography or video.” Even outside of school, he makes himself available for students who need his help. He rarely turns his teacher mode off.

He’s more than just a teacher though, he’s also a DIYer! He enjoys building in his free time. “I build computers, I built a zipline for my kids, I helped plumb the pool.” He also has an interest in road-tripping. Did you know he’s never seen the Grand Canyon? Or Mt. Rushmore, although I don’t think many people from California have. 

He’s a big comic book nerd, “I like diving into the storylines, I do like marvel, I do like star wars, I enjoy those in storytelling.” He definitely makes his students aware of this interest though as his classroom is covered in Marvel and Star Wars decor. Barlow can also be very indecisive; apparently, he doesn’t have a favorite movie. “It’s hard to say I have a favorite film, but there are certain ones I like for different aspects” 

Most of his current students may not even know this but, he used to be really into martial arts, yep, martial arts. He said it’s something he’d want to try and get back into it. Music is also something he’s very into. He’s been playing the guitar since he was 16. He was the music leader at his church for a while, “I played guitar, sang in front of everyone, chose the songs, made sure all the electrical stuff worked. I did that for 3 years.”

Mr. Barlow is also a family man. He has 3 sons and is married. His wife is also a teacher at the school one of his sons attends. “I actually think it’d be cool to teach at the same school they go to but I think they need distance too.” He has a good and open relationship with them. They are able to talk about anything they need and want to. He doesn’t pull the ‘because I said so’ card, he always tries to give reason and explanation. He’s very straightforward with his personality, “I’m the same person here as somewhere else.” 

Mr. Barlow has a very big and open personality at school and at home.