Student expression is alive and well on the Enochs campus

Students showcase their artistic talents in a variety of ways

Jea Velazquez, an Enochs senior, uses shoes as a canvas to showcase her artistic ability.

Jea Velazquez, an Enochs senior, uses shoes as a canvas to showcase her artistic ability.

Trace Lawrence, Features Editor

We have many talented students here at Enochs including dancers, writers, athletes, and musicians. But one group of talent I don’t believe is featured enough on campus is the artists of Enochs. We have many amazing students here on campus who express themselves through their own art.

One of these artists is junior Hunter Palyvoda. Hunter practices many different art mediums like drawing and sculpting but prefers embroidery and sewing. He’s been working with thread for a little over a year now but he has been drawing ever since he was little. Hunter finds most of his inspiration in other art forms like music. “With my art, I want something I can use, like a cool patch or a shirt or a vase,” Hunter said when asked about his drive to create. He also says his art doesn’t hold a very deep meaning and that he creates just to create “It’s usually just something I think is cool.” Hunter’s passion for art grows with every new medium he learns, but his drive to create practical and useful pieces stays the same.

Another artist here at Enochs is Jazmin Lopez, a senior who has been drawing ever since she was a child. “Most of my earliest memories are of me drawing something,” Jazmin says, “I would come up with stories and draw scenes to go with that story.” Jazmin’s art is mostly inspired by the world around her, she says she often sees things and thinks “man, I could probably draw that.” Even while depicting these real everyday items and people around her, Jazmin would describe her style as “cartoonish and unrealistic.” When drawing other individuals Jazmin tends to use large eyes and exaggerated hair instead of a more realistic technique you would see in an average painting. When asked what she wants to do with her art Jazmin says “I keep it to myself mainly. I’ve never thought about selling anything or putting anything on display. But maybe I will when I feel like it.” Jazmin does not create for others to judge and comment on, she spends her time perfecting her skills for herself.

Jea Velazquez, a senior here at Enochs, is another talented artist we have on campus. Like most, Jea has also been drawing ever since she was a child but more recently she has discovered her love for painting “I feel like I can express myself more clearly when I paint, I have more creativity” Jea says when asked about her favorite medium. Jea’s paintings are considered by her to be “realistic but stylized.” Jea’s paintings don’t just stay on canvas though, Jea decorates everything with her paintings. Jea uses this to her advantage by setting up commissions and with her expertise, she can paint everything on anything from bottles to pants to shoes. “A lot of people enjoy custom items so I offer to paint things for a little money,” Jea says, demonstrating how even while practicing the art she loves she is also creating something that benefits herself and others.

These are just a few of the many amazing student artists here at Enochs who deserve the same level of prestige as other talents on campus. So please go support your friends and other artists in their talent and growth as students here at Enochs High School.