Opinion: Dress-Up Days for student involvement

Thinking outside of the box might get more students involved


Michael Catanesi, Sports Editor

As a student at Enochs you may know that we have dress-up days every now and then. Yes, they are fun and get a lot of people involved. As a Senior at Enochs High School, I have begun to notice that some dress-up days are repeated. So that is why I am here today, to propose new dress-up days that are fun and exciting.

First off, we have “dress as your type day”. Basically, this day is when you dress up as your ideal partner. For example, if your type wears tight shirts and short shorts you will wear a tight shirt and short shorts on this day. Honestly, I would dress up as a soccer or a volleyball player. This day would easily get people involved and you better hope your crush is dressing up like you.

Second, we have “white lies day”. For this day you will get a white shirt and put a lie on the shirt, but the lies are harmless. For example, you would write ‘I do not like The Eagle Eye’ but in reality, you like the Eagle Eye – if you do this I will give you a high five because you’re cool. Just make sure your handwriting is legible, I don’t want to get all up close and personal to read your white lie.

Third, we have “dress as your younger self”. For this day you will dress up how you dressed up when you were in middle school or elementary school. The number of neon colors we are going to see that day will probably make everyone blind. Why did we all wear neon colors in elementary school? Not exactly sure but next generation, please do not be like us. 

Fourth, we have “meme day”. This day is pretty self-explanatory as being part of Gen Z memes are an everyday thing for us. Coming to school and seeing someone in an Among Us costume, or The Rock doing the eyebrow raise is going to be very entertaining. The variety in this dress-up day will make it easy to participate in and something everyone can follow along with.

Fifth, we have “decades day”. On this dress-up day we could have each grade level dress as a different decade. I don’t really care about which class gets which decade, I just want to see people dress up in funny outfits for a day. Give the seniors 90s though – I want to come to school with an out-of-pocket fit. Appropriate for school of course.

Sixth, we have a day that I’m surprised hasn’t happened yet while I was in high school: “crazy hair day”. Did everyone just forget about this iconic day? You can just wake up and go to school without needing to worry about your hair or you can just get like 5 hair ties and go crazy with your hair. If we are being honest though, some people have been having crazy hair day all year. 

Last but not least we have “pajama day”. Another classic dress up day, this is a fundamental day that is needed at least once a year. It is not a new dress-up day as you might already know but I just want a reason to come to school in pajamas and not be asked why I’m wearing pajamas. Pajama day and crazy hair day are just fundamental dress-up days you need.

So here you have it, 7 simple dress-up days that can spice up the spirit weeks. Instead of repetitive boring and simple dress-up days we have 5 unique and new days and 2 classic, easy dress-up days. If I were to choose an order for the days I would want to see it would be;

1. Dress as your type

2. White Lie day

3. Meme day

4. Dress as your younger self

5. Decades day

6. Pajama Day 

7. Crazy hair day