“Midnights”: A look inside the masterminds head



Jazlynn Oyler, Copy Editor

As expected, Taylor swift broke two records with her new album “Midnights”. She became the most streamed artist in a single day. She literally broke Spotify taking up the first 10 spots on the Hot 100 list. 

Compared to “Folklore” or “Red” this album was branched out. Taylor was able to move out of her folk era and into a new genre of alternative pop. It’s a very heartfelt album that is filled with a roller-coaster of emotions, going down a path she hasn’t before and expanding her music genre out even more. 

Every song on the album has a meaning. Being able to be inside Taylors head and have the indebted songs about her feelings is a special experience. The songs aren’t just for her though, many fans have been able to make emotional connections to them — they are relatable. 

The album tells the story of her throughout her past relationships, new love, and feeling as if she was being built based on the image of other individuals. 

The “Anti-hero” music video shows different versions of herself. “Mastermind” showed us the villain origin story side of her life. “Vigilant Shit” is expressing her character version of herself as well as showing her enemies destroying themselves, “Karma” also projects this image. “You’re on Your Own, Kid” is Taylor doing some inner-child therapy. 

The songs slowly build up into each other. The first few tracks start slow and very mainstream by then you can notice a big difference as it builds up with the increase in instrumentals and emotions. 

She managed to keep the theme of it – being set at midnight – and keep the idea of her being a mastermind in the back of her head.

My top picks: Anti-Hero, You’re on Your Own Kid, Labyrinth

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