Ticketmaster draws the wrath of the Swifties

Millions of Taylor Swift fans were left in the dark after the ticketing giant botched the concert rollout of the year


Jazlynn Oyler, Copy Editor

Excitement, stress, panic, and then heartbreak. Taylor Swift is sold out of tickets to her ERAS tour. All 52 dates. 

With each stadium having 80,000 seats and 10,000 promo codes being sent out, day one had the possibility of selling over 60,000 tickets. And they did exactly that. Originally Ticketmaster was only supposed to sell 10-15% of tickets during the pre-sell to give the general public a chance. Instead, they sold them all.

The presale happened on November 15th at 10 am, when people joined, many were immediately kicked off and told to come back the same day at 3 pm. It was highly recommended to join 30 minutes beforehand and even after many people did, they still found themselves stuck behind thousands of people. Having tickets stolen right from under them even after having them in the cart. 

Due to high demand and low ticket inventory the general public sale was canceled. After hours of waiting and having tickets taken from them – they also had their last opportunity stolen, many fans are disappointed. Not in Taylor but in Ticketmaster. 

With bad planning and underestimating Taylor’s fans, Ticketmaster failed. Some people have claimed to have been waiting in line for over two hours just to receive nothing. Taylor even added extra dates to her tour that had also sold out leaving many fans distraught. 

It wasn’t only us feeling an outrage of emotions though. Taylor herself has even stated that she was very upset about the outcome.

We can officially say that we sweated tears for this. 

For the 2.4 million fans that managed to get tickets, there’s a lot to expect. Knowing Taylor, she definitely has something up her sleeve. With many other music artists opening for her – from Phoebe Bridgers, Girl in Red, Gracie Abrams, and many more – something big has to happen. No setlist has been released yet though. 

From a fellow Swiftie I hope all who get to go have the best experience.