Double the Christmas? That’s not the only way to look at it

Jazlynn Oyler, Copy Editor

It’s the time of the year where everyone’s family begins to start coming together. Everyone gets excited and starts their family traditions, from putting the Christmas tree up and hanging the stockings – one for each member of the family. Baking cookies, playing board games by the fire, and the most exciting part about Christmas, giving and receiving presents from your loved ones. These may seem like the typical thing every family does and gets to enjoy but some kids miss out on the joy of their entire family being together. 

My parents have been split up my entire life and I’ve always had to deal with spending my holidays separate. 

My parents live in different states so it makes it difficult on who I am going to spend Christmas with. I tried to just deal with it and not put thought into it but as I grew up I started realizing how much I miss out on.

Many other people try to view it as “double the presents” and I will admit, that was my favorite part when I was a kid but, now I just view it as missing out on all the family memories. The years I have to travel out of state is another Christmas I’m unable to spend with my siblings. 

This year I’ll be spending my Christmas with my mom who lives in another state. I’ll spend that weekend at her house doing her typical ‘traditions’ that change every year. I’ll then fly back in time for the new year and have to do the whole Christmas thing again but it won’t be the same because I’ll be doing it alone. Sitting in front of the fire with only my presents around, the Christmas tree half taken down, and everyone already out of the Christmas spirit and is ready for the new years.

I always find myself dreading the holidays even though I love the Christmas spirit that gets spread around. To remain positive and keep the spirt I always try to look at it from my favorite part, giving presents to the people I love and watching the expressions on their faces light up.