Vintage Trends Make a Comeback

From polyester to vinyl, vintage is making a strong comeback


Trace Lawrence, Features Editor

New trends and styles grow and become popular all the time. But now it seems that many people instead of looking towards new trends are actually looking at the past for their inspiration. A lot of young people are bringing back and reliving vintage trends now and it seems like this starts with vintage fashion.

Many people now are wearing vintage clothing. Younger people are frequenting thrift stores more often and picking up clothes you might see in your grandmother’s closet. One individual, Chelsie Mabilog is always around thrift stores looking for vintage clothing. “Considering the amount of fast fashion these days and the current clothing trends, the only way I can find authentic clothing that I like, especially at a cheaper price, would be thrifting.” Chelsie has been thrifting and wearing vintage fashion for a little under a year now and feels the best in thrifted clothing from the 70s-80s. People aren’t only bringing back vintage fashion though.

Another trend that seems to be recirculating is the usage of record players. While music players have come a long way from the record player, more and more people have begun collecting and playing vinyl records on vintage record players. One of these people, Chloe Freier, actually prefers listening to music on a record player over other ways to listen. “When I listen to a record player the music just sounds and feels better than when listening to the same songs through a pair of headphones.“ Chloe has been listening to records for a while now and her favorite vinyl is King Crimson: Court of the Crimson King.

So what is it really that draws so many young people towards trends? When asked why these older trends are so appealing Margaret Florendo, another student who has found herself living in vintage trends, says “It’s just a cycle, people need something new and for younger people looking towards the past, it is new.” It seems that many young people share this sentiment. Isabella Lawrence another individual also adds that “people go back to living vintage trends because it intrigues younger people and allows people to express themselves in unique ways.” Even though we have new trends gaining popularity every day, young people are bringing back past trends to relive vintage style.