The comeback of the year

Get to know one of the amazing clubs the Enochs campus has to offer


Elijah Armour, General Editor

The K-Pop Club is one of the many clubs that this school has to offer. If you didn’t already know this club was brought back again just this year. After COVID hit the club disappeared and was gone last school year. Fortunately, this year the President of the K-Pop Club, Natalie Galila, a senior at Enochs, decided that it was time to bring back this club. Just like any club there are activities that take place, maybe I’m a little biased though on what I think about this club, I am Vice President after all, but let’s take me out of this conversation and look at what our members have to say.

Let’s start from the top and why Natalie decided that this club deserved another debut. “My initial thought was that I wanted to start the club again because in freshman year the club existed, but it sort of died and with lack of advertisement then, not many people were interested. I wanted to have more people because having people to bond with over music is a pretty common interest and it’s hard to find people who like K-Pop and talk about it openly.”

K-Pop is huge in the American music industry now, but as Natalie described, “it’s sort of taboo,” because just like any genre of music it faces some very forward scrutiny. However, in this club all the members always try their best to stay positive and that attitude has been able to rub off on many of the members who range from freshmen all the way to seniors. From all of the interviewees, who we will get to later, a common phrase that was said between all of them, “it’s sort of like a safe place and the people are nice and positive.” The atmosphere of the club is one that is meant to be welcoming, and if you’re a chill to avid lover of K-Pop there is a place for you.

Now moving on from what it feels like and means to the members, lets look at what happens during meetings. Just like any club there are some activities that are done during meetings, talking about anything that’s been going on, or just spending time with your new friends.

Ashleena Kumar, a freshman here at Enochs, has been a very active member in our club. Here’s what she has to say, “Some things I find that are fun are the different activities we do during meetings, like kahoots and other games that idols have done.” Building off of that, some of the other activities that are done during meetings are listening and watching new comebacks or even debuts of groups that come out every month.

It’s fun to do things during designated meeting times but doing things outside of that time are just as fun. Ilse Gonzalez Salazar, a sophomore at Enochs, is our Event Manager and she has made many plans in and out of this club. Ilse does her job well and here’s what some of her ideas are, “As Event Manager I would want to have more fundraisers to get our own money that we can put in to the club so we can go out and have fun. And if we’re rich enough go to K-Con, have little picnics, and little ceremonies for seniors that leave and to be able to just go hangout with the members.” This club tries it’s best to do what the members find to be fun, and there’s so much effort put into it, but there’s one last part that honestly might be one of the biggest. Dancing.

The dancing aspect of this club is how we are able to show people what K-Pop is and why we enjoy it so much. A nice portion of the members dance for this club and have been working their butts off to get them down and perform them. Culture week is what they’ve been preparing for the whole year to showcase all of the hardwork they’ve been able to put together. Giselle Alves, Gigi as most people know her, is a Senior and one of our dance leads along with me, the person writing this article, as well. We’ve both put much of our time into learning, teaching, and putting together the dances we’ve been working on to make sure they’re in tip top shape. Here’s what Gigi has to say about this whole process, the progress, and successes made. “I’ve seen big improvements and lots of growth with my dancers and I couldn’t be more proud of each and every one of them. The whole process has been really fun and I love being able to teach and see the dances come together with everyone’s hard work.” The dancers have always given it their all, and I am also proud of everything that they’ve done this year so far. This club means more to me than I think I even realize, but I hope this club can grow even more after all of us seniors in the club have graduated.

Thank you for so much for reading and stay tuned, more will be coming. Have a great day and if you like K-Pop, join this club and try out dancing, I promise you’ll have fun! Vice President of K-Pop Club signing off.