A goodbye letter to our journalism seniors

Junior editor Ruben Sanchez Lopez says goodbye to the class of 2023


Ruben Sanchez Lopez, Copy Editor

It’s been a long time since I first came to Enochs High School, yet it has flown by pretty quick. I am now a junior and next year I will be a senior – meaning this year I will have to say goodbye to the class of 2023. I will miss a lot of the seniors because of their impact on the school and on my life.

Throughout the year the journalism seniors have always been around for support and encouragement. It may be hard to deal with highschool drama, assignments, teachers and other problems but the seniors have managed to deal with it throughout the years. As hard as it is to let go I believe everything good must end at one point. 

When I first entered the world of the journalism elective I was in it with a bunch of juniors who are now seniors. I first felt out of place but after a while I became very comfortable. Journalism class has been nothing short of fun and exciting, with every day being something new. I feel like I learn new things often in Mr.Campbell’s class not just from Mr. Campbell but from the other students as well. Mr. Campbell and the seniors did their best to make me feel as comfortable as possible in my Journalism class. 

There have been many times that I’ve been supported by seniors. When I first got to Enochs High School I was confused on where to go. I ended up asking a senior where to go and they gave directions on where my classes were. Another time a senior in my journalism class named Jordan offered to give me a ride home. Me and Jordan rarely talked however he was still kind enough to offer me a ride. The seniors have also supported me through difficult times like coming back to school after my three hospitalizations. They never once made me feel ashamed for needing to get help in difficult times. After the third and for sure last time of hospitalization the seniors wrote me a card. I am beyond grateful for the support the class of 2023 has given me and I hope they have a very happy and successful life.