Powder Puff and What it Means to Enochs

Powder Puff and What it Means to Enochs

Powder Puff is probably one of the biggest events that goes on at Enochs High School. I think it’s safe to say it is when the roles of football players and cheerleaders are being reversed. Instead of the guys playing football and the girls being cheerleaders, it is the other way around. It is an event that literally everyone looks forward to. The girls get to play a game of flag football while the boys perform their very own half-time show. It is a seniors vs juniors in a battle to win it all.

Last year the seniors won against this year’s seniors. And they’re ready! “There is like zero doubt in my mind that we’re gonna lose. No if, ands, or buts about it,” said one of our coaches and football players for the Enochs team, Aiden Muhammad. He also stated how all of the senior’s plays were pretty solid. Defense was good and so was offense. All coaches are pretty confident that they will win this year.

I also spoke to one of the juniors this year on what she was looking forward to this year since this is her first time doing powder puff. “I’m looking forward to just having a good time on the field with my friends on both ends of the field,” said Kayla Oveisi.

The senior boys are extremely excited to perform this year. “Since it’s my second year doing it, I already had an idea of what to expect so it made it more fun. On top of the fact that there are more people wanting to do it with your friends who were maybe scared to do it last year,” said Eduardo Diaz. Look, I get that being a cheerleader as a dude isn’t the most ideal thing in the world. But that’s the fun and the beauty of Powder Puff. It lets the roles be reversed and gives both genders a taste of change. It is just so fun to see the boys having a great time in their own skin and not having a care in the world about how they may look. That is something that is literally one of the highlights of powder puff.

Football is one of the sports that really brings people together. Everyone can rely on a game to entertain and/or to change their life as a whole. “Football is like, the most important thing in my life and I don’t know what I would do without it,” stated by Aiden Muhammad as well. To me, it is honestly amazing how a single sport can change someone’s life for the better, an experience that let’s people clear their minds and just have the best time of their life.

This year, I personally am playing on the senior’s side and I had no prior experience with doing it last school year. I personally am looking forward to learning more about football and getting a chance to play the game like how I would watch the 49ers play at my house. Learning different plays and being able to actually put myself in a position of the boys football team is something I enjoyed the most. Hopefully, this experience is an amazing one for my last year being in high school.

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