New Years Resolutions: Slay or Nay?

New Years Resolutions: Slay or Nay?

During this time of year, people get ready for the holidays and prepare for Thanksgiving. People will go to buy food for Thanksgiving and buy presents for their friends and family. Around this time, people also get ready to throw New Year’s parties with their friends and family. With all the joy (or annoyance) during this time of the year, people swear they will change during the New Years a.k.a make themselves resolutions.

To be honest, I am absolutely sick of New Year’s resolutions due to the false hope and the commitments people make to themselves. Due to the large number of people in my life that swear they are going to do some life changing things such as working out, I believe that New Year’s resolutions are useless and pointless. The resolutions are pointless because if you really want to make a difference, you don’t have to wait until New Year’s day. Also, why are like 90% of New Year resolutions just the same three things, like losing weight, stopping drinking, and eating healthier. The few things people choose are so basic and boring to me, sometimes I wish they were more creative.

Some creative ideas for New Year’s resolutions are eating a healthy morning breakfast, going to therapy, and eating one taco a day. There are many cool and creative New Year commitments that you can make, but most people choose to go with the simple options, which I think are super lame. I had a few New Year’s resolutions that I never did and I still feel great horror because I failed. With all the boring New Year’s resolutions I believe that you can make a difference by being creative.

Another option for New Year’s Resolutions is to have a resolution that lasts more than a whole year. One idea that comes up is quitting drinking, smoking and starting to go to therapy. Why wait until New Year’s to have a resolution? Why not start to make a big change in your life today or next week? For any big change in people’s lives, they need motivation, whether it is from family or friends or from themselves. Motivation is a big part of New Year’s resolutions, which inspires people to make a big change. However, that motivation is usually gone after the first couple months of the New Year. I believe in order to make a big change or resolution, you have to want to make the big change in your life.

With everything wrong with New Year’s resolutions, I can still understand why people choose to do them. They sometimes believe that they want to leave their past self behind in the previous year or that New Year is the best time for resolutions. With all the resolutions people make, I believe people forgot the true meaning of New Years. New Years is a time to celebrate and be thankful you made it to another year and a time to spend with your friends and family.



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