Top 5 Most Overrated Christmas Movies

Top 5 Most Overrated Christmas Movies

We all love the holidays, where we can wrap up in the warmest blanket and watch a Christmas movie. Oh yes, the weather outside is frightful, but sitting and watching these movies isn’t so delightful (in my opinion). No hate for anyone who loves these movies. Some of these are the first thing that pops in your mind when Christmas comes around, and that’s okay. If these movies were on TV and I was sitting with my family, I would watch them. I mean, it’s not the worst thing for me to sit through, I just choose not to. So, here is my take on the top 5 overrated Christmas movies. *DISCLAIMER* may be harsh to lovers of these movies so apologies in advance.

Number 5: It’s a Wonderful Life. Yes it’s a classic, but 2 hours?!?! Forget it, I’m not sitting through that movie. I personally have a short attention span and the movie has to be EXTREMELY good for me to sit through it. To me, this movie was kind of boring. I watched it only a few times and just couldn’t really get into it.

Number 4: The Nightmare Before Christmas. I know I’m probably going to get some hate for this, but I’m sorry. The title literally says “before Christmas”, so watch it before Christmas. Don’t get me wrong, I like this movie. To me, though, it is more of a Halloween movie then a Christmas movie. Every single character in that movie just gives off Halloween vibes. Even Santa. They all have their own creepy factors that should belong to the Halloween category. So, for me, during Christmas, its a no.

Number 3: Four Christmases. Look. I love Reese Witherspoon and all but I personally can’t really sit through this movie on purpose. I have no idea why, but the scene where they get to meet Vince Vaughn’s family, I honestly just want to turn it off. Maybe I’m just a hater because I genuinely don’t have a reason to hate this movie. My dad loves this movie, and he was watching it the other day. They put it on every year, and I personally get sick of it. Not my type of movie; it is pretty mid.

Number 2: Anything Hallmark. I understand this isn’t a specific movie, but I have to mention this. Why do people choose to sit through these movies that are literally the same? Every single holiday Hallmark romance is the same exact thing, just in different fonts. It’s the same plot. The guy gets the girl and vice versa. It is also the most cheesy type of stuff you will probably ever see in your entire life. The acting is also…awful. I have no idea what else I have to say that can be good about Hallmark. Sure, fairytales are nice, but it is honestly too cheesy for my liking. My mom LOVES Hallmark and watches it every year. Every time the couple gets together (like always) I go “awww…so predictable.” Which is true. I LIVE for movies that don’t have a typical plot. Give me something tragic, romantic, and don’t be afraid to kill off main characters, for God’s sake. Okay, that sounds kind of weird. I’m not encouraging violence, but I want something different. Maybe that is why I personally can’t sit through a Hallmark movie without cringing a little. It has to be a no for me. Sorry to any Hallmark lovers reading. You do you, boo!

Number 1: Elf. The most overrated Christmas movie to ever exist. Do I even have to elaborate more on how annoying this movie is? Will Ferrell is literally just super obnoxious and, in my opinion, very annoying in this movie specifically. He is acting like a literal child and it lowkey makes me uncomfortable. I know that in the beginning I said that if someone put on one of these movies I wouldn’t complain, but I lied. I just can’t and won’t do it with this movie. It isn’t enjoyable for me to sit through and watch the whole thing. I know it is only an hour and 35 minutes long, but that would be the worst hour and 35 minutes to sit through. The movie just tries so hard to be funny. I get that some kids might like it, but the way Will Ferrell was screaming “Santa!!” in one of the scenes, it made me cringe. It just does. And the scene where he is putting candy and chocolate syrup on pasta, I can’t. I cringe even more. It is by far the most overrated Christmas movie. I interviewed quite a few people and half of them said that this was the most overrated of them all. If you love this movie, then that is alright, but for me it is a very hard pass during the holidays.

Well, this was my take on the most overrated Christmas movies. They aren’t the worst movies to ever exist, but when it comes to Christmas time, Numbers 1-3, I would pass on them altogether. Everyone can do and watch whatever they please during the holidays, so no shame to anyone at all. Christmas is a time of joy and laughter, and I hope everyone reading this does just that this holiday season.


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