Traveling to the Future: Trip to Veracruz

Traveling to the Future: Trip to Veracruz

On December 26, I time-traveled two hours into the future! a.k.a, Mexico.  It was exciting going back to the place I grew up in after two years, just day-dreaming about the food, seeing my cats, as well as seeing my friends. Honestly, I was a bit scared to go back to see the people that I grew up with, and even though two years is not a long time, a lot can change within a person, whether they grew, changed their mindset, etc. However, when I saw my two closest friends, I got a big sense of relief to see how beautiful they had bloomed and matured yet remained with the same enchanting personality at the same time.

Let’s rewind back to when I was at the airport:

When I arrived to Mexico city airport after my flight from San Francisco, I was walking around the shops with my mom to kill time (our next flight was in about five hours, after all), when all of a sudden I turn around and see the queen herself, Paquita la del Barrio. She is a very famous Mexican singer and I was thrilled to see her since I grew up listening to her music! and it’s not my first time encountering a celebrity there, but I was shocked to have been in the presence of an icon.

But it doesn’t end there, she wasn’t the only celebrity I met that day. As I made way to my gate because it was almost time to board, I saw a man heading the same direction as me and I noticed that a group of people approached him to take pictures. I was confused, and to be completely honest, I wasn’t sure who he was until somebody told me. His name is Sebastian Cordova and he is a professional soccer player, and I don’t really watch sports so I wouldn’t have known who he was if the man at the airport didn’t tell me.

Some activities during my trip:

The town I stayed in is called Zempoala, Veracruz, which has a rich totonac history and is located about twenty minutes from the beach. Firstly, I went with my friend to the archaeological site to catch up on our lives and it is a very calming place since it is mostly an open field, fresh air, and with totonac pyramids.

Later on that week, I went to visit the beach where the water is actually warm. It was refreshing swimming in the ocean and feeling the soft sand where I found a cute little crab! I named him Hubert Bartholomew Jose Lopez Garcia Jackson Jr. Isn’t he adorable?

That beach was not very crowded which makes it more relaxing in my opinion, but I also saw very cute stray dogs, but they were chasing the motorcycles that passed by, it was sort of entertaining (no one got hurt, just laughter from everyone, including the people riding the motorcycle).

On New Years, the town celebrated by having musicians play at the park. My family reserved a table and we stayed up to dance the whole night! It was pretty fun.

The wonderful food:

What I missed the most was the food (don’t tell my friends), because even though they have some of the foods here in America, It doesn’t compare with the original taste. It is more fresh, abundant with flavors, simply extraordinary. I missed the corn, the empanadas, tacos, agua de Jamaica, and even the snacks! I couldn’t get enough. I wish I could’ve brought a large portion of food with me, or even a small one, but it’s never the same. Overall, I enjoyed going back, and I look forward into visiting once more.

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