Roses are red. Violets are blue. February is here. Whats up with you?

Roses are red. Violets are blue. February is here. What’s up with you?

February is coming, and you know what that means! It is the season of love. But some of us don’t have a person to share this holiday with, and that’s alright. Who ever said that this holiday had to be only about a significant other? It is the season of love, which means you can share how much you love the people in your life. Maybe your best friend is your soulmate? That may sound a little weird, but it isn’t that way, I promise. Personally, I would like to show appreciation to my friends during this holiday, and that is why I want to have a Galentine’s Day. Cringey? Maybe. But I would like to do something during Valentine’s Day, even though I may not have a significant other to spend it with. So here are some suggestions for possible ladies who wanna have a Galentine’s Day.

First off, clothing. We obviously have to be wearing matching satin pajamas. I have no idea why this sounds like a vibe to me. Pink or red to represent Valentine’s Day. Of course, something with hearts to tie everything together. Or, if you don’t want to wear pajamas and want to dress it up, go all out. Do your hair and your makeup how you want and throw on something dressy like a dress. Or maybe a nice shirt and pants if you’re not into that. Something on the vibes of hearts with pink and red. I feel like dressing in pajamas or going all out in fancy clothing are the best options. One or the other, there is no in between, in my opinion.

Next, the food. There are a lot of suggestions to be made and of course, there is going to have to be heart shaped food. Or maybe a broken heart. Whatever you’re into. Baking cookies or making pizzas that have heart shapes could be a super fun and delicious activity for the girls. It can also create some bonding time with your best friends. Maybe some pasta also because it falls under the “romantic” or Valentine’s Day vibe. And the drinks have to be drank out of fancy glasses, no question about it. I’m sorry, but can everyone agree with me that every drink tastes better in a fancy glass? It’s a mind thing, I swear.

What are we even going to do? Well, what about a classic movie marathon? Binge an entire movie or television series of your guys’ liking. My best friend loves to binge watch the Twilight series just to make fun of the acting. You guys can take that idea if you would like. Get a good laugh out of some hilarious movies or shows because, come on, everything is 10x funnier when watching it with your best friends. Maybe switch up the movie-watching and watch it outside in your backyard? That could be cute, right? Movies sound too boring? What about doing each other’s makeup and hair while listening to music or having a good conversation. To me personally, makeup is therapy and it could be fun. If you’re not into that sort of thing, that is completely ok. Maybe play some board games, or do some karaoke. Something super fun and silly to create the best memories with your besties. Or honestly, just sit, eat, chill, and have a good chat.

Spending time with my best friends and making the most of life is honestly what I live for. These people in my life are truly worth living for, and I want them to be my Valentines. So grab a glass and sit down. Make those memories before the time runs out. We only live once and life will catch you by surprise. So make the most of it with the people you love the most.

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