To: The Class of 2025

To: The Class of 2025

As you prepare for your last year of high school, here are ten words of wisdom from this year’s graduating class of 2024.

Remember that You’re a Scholar: Try your best in your studies, make yourself proud, and ask questions if you need help.

Smile: No matter what you go through, remember to smile. Things will get better for you.

Communicate: Communication is key for many situations. It will allow you to create stronger bonds with people.

Know that You’re Not Alone: There is always a person you can talk to when you need help or advice.

Focus on Yourself: Don’t get caught in other people’s problems, stop trying to control things you have no control over. Put yourself before others and protect your peace.

Try New Things: It’s your senior year, get yourself out there. Join new clubs or sports; don’t stick to the same routine all the time.

Stay Motivated: Find out what you want to do in the future and be motivated to better yourself and others around you.

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