The Comeback from COVID-19

History Club regroups after pandemic

Ryan Zoch, Reporter

Throughout the past year and a half, COVID-19 has affected so much in the world – not only in the past but in the future to come. 

The pandemic has canceled birthdays and even school – which takes away a lot of chances in people’s lives. At Enochs High School, Bryan Rogers, a history teacher, currently heads up the History Club – which started as a small school club but has turned into part of the National History Club which is a national organization. 

Every year the history club grows and grows, but with COVID there have been struggles with being able to hold meetings and all the local and international trips that were planned. 

Even with the struggles, Rogers used technology to keep students connected since face-to-face meetings and interaction wasn’t possible.

“Most people have been seeing COVID-19 is a primarily bad thing but I haven’t seen it as bad as most people do because it has brought us not only at the school club but the National History Club a lot more chances even if it is over video to meet and talk with new people from around the world,” Rogers said. 

In July, the club is planning on taking a trip to Italy – the first chance at travelling together again after their trip last summer was cancelled because of the pandemic.

Covid has affected people all over the world, but to see people finally be able to start getting out again and to hear about future plans throughout Covid is good – especially for the students who want to get their academic careers back to normal as quickly as possible.

According to History Club member Madison Harris, the chance for a trip with people who share similar interests is something that many involved with the club are looking forward to. 

“With having it taken away it was really hard because all the events and travel plans that we had and to see them go away was hard,” Harris said. “I’ve talked with Mr. Rogers and to able to get that one trip back is really good because after graduating there was nothing I could really do to go back into it and get to see what I would’ve seen without him.”

For additional information about the History Club, email Bryan Rogers at [email protected].