Struggling in school? Try setting goals

Students have the ability to help themselves succeed

Alexia Cuiriz, Editor

High school can be a roller coaster of emotions for a teenager as they are preparing themselves for the life ahead of them especially during these hard times. 

That’s why it’s important for high schoolers to be the best student they can be and here are some tips for them.

It’s important to set a goal. If a student is procrastinating on studying for a test or completing an assignment that just means it’s not a priority to them. If school is important to them, they should make it a priority. So finding reasons to make school a pressing matter will lead a student to set goals and try their hardest to make that goal a reality. 

Setting a goal doesn’t always have to be a long term one.

It can be as simple as staying on top of their school work or pushing to raise a grade. Setting little but meaningful goals like that can easily help them reach that long term goal that they dream of.

Staying organized is such an important factor as well. Writing down due dates of assignments, marking days they have tests or quizzes and breaking big projects into days to work up to the due date. It also helps to incorporate activities outside of your school life so you can schedule what time of day they would like to complete school work.

At times it can be overwhelming being piled with so many assignments and seeing so many due dates. 

Something students don’t want to do is overwork themselves because this leads to feeling even more stressed and maybe a homework breakdown as well. 

Instead, practice good time management and take breaks. 

They should set aside a certain amount of time each day to work on their homework, and choose a time that works best for them. They may prefer early in the morning before school, or maybe they’re fresher after school. 

 Here’s another obvious but always helpful tip. Students can never underestimate a good night’s sleep. 

According to research made by Health Direct, kids and teens need around 9-10 hours of sleep a night. This will significantly help focus, memory, decision making, and creativity, all of which are important inside and outside of the classroom. 

A current high school student named Quinn claims that “Yes I feel a difference. When I get less sleep I am more irritable”

However, caring about school is great but not if a student’s mental health is at a low. Everyone has those days when they feel that the dark cloud above them won’t go away. Students battling depression can be something that is holding them back in their performance in school. Students overworking can be a large amount of stress. 

According to Newport Academy, not only does school sometimes contribute to depression, but depression can also interfere with school.

When a student is feeling depressed they should treat themselves as if they are sick with a bug. Taking the rest of the afternoon after a long day of school for themselves can be very helpful. Taking a nap, eating a meal, going outside to get some fresh air, calling a friend, a weekend getaway can be refreshing when finding a way to escape a difficult time. Giving yourself credit for everything you do even if it just means getting out of bed or drinking water is a great accomplishment. 

Sofia, a college student that recently graduated high school stated that “Sometimes I did struggle to handle school and keep my mental health in a good state because at times I don’t handle stress well but something that got me through high school were my friends.”

Once a student’s mental health is better their performance in school will increase.

The best part is that students can pick and choose what works best for them and if more help and tips are needed easily reach out to a teacher, school counselor, or a parent for help. After all, it is their job to assist in your learning.