Don’t wear THAT! Spring fashion is in full bloom

Ditch the sweatpants for some trousers or some animal print


Brayden Tobin

This year the looks are all about boldness.

Brayden Tobin, Fashion Editor

There’s one thing we’ve realized during this nationwide lockdown – style doesn’t disappear in hard times. In fact, the opposite happens. People become more and more interested in clothing. 

Spring collections, which have gone through a virtual change, gave a ton of inspo for how to update our wardrobe for the spring and summer seasons. Everyone misses the IRL fashion shows but with COVID taking a hold of everything we must make due with what we’re given. 

The designers we love are  trying something lively and fresh. This season people wanna see variety whether that means Nicolas Ghesquière’s roomy cargo pants at Louis Vuitton or Miuccia Prada’s micro miniskirts at Miu Miu

 With variety comes bright, vivid colors and very surprising combos that catch the eye. Bright colors lighten up the eyes and emphasize natural beauty. Prada showed short mini skirts that really showed off the legs. Plenty of other designers agree that a long leg is the silhouette of the season, with Chloé offering A-line minis and Etro applying its signature paisley print to cut-off jean shorts. Of course, few do super-short with as much power as Versace; Donatella mixed a clash of prints and patterns on a flirtatious pleated skirt.

A lot of people are going to be upset about this next one. It’s time to forget about the sweatpants. Shove them back into that drawer and keep them there. The spring 2021 collections certainly offer plenty of alternatives. The one above all are wide-leg, roomy trousers seen everywhere from Louis Vuitton to Jacquemus to the affordable online collection Raey. Hailey Beiber has been seen wearing a beautiful pair of wide legged pants while roaming around which proves these pants aren’t just for sitting around 

Absurd prints are back in style. Swirling, psychedelic prints from Tom Ford, textural stripes from Kenneth Ize, and vintage-inspired graphics from La DoubleJ all make a vibrant and happy spring wardrobe—and who doesn’t need a little levity right now? Everyone loves a little color especially in these times. Brighten things up. Make it fun! The nudes and block colors are cool and simplistic but it’s time to think outside the box . The best way to do this is by balancing large and small prints within the same outfit while paring down the accessories.

We all know TikTok shapes the trends these days. First it was E-Boy with the dress shirt under over the sweater, then it was soft boys with the pastel, now its Tie Dye. The vibrant colors and crazy designs have made a much needed return, along with oversized hoodies, bright playboy chains, and…Dad hats? Okay TikTok…we see you. 

What’re the celebrities wearing these days? Well, bright bags have made a return for spring 2021 but they’ll soon be replaced by tiny purses come summer. Trench Coats – yes, I said it…Trench coats. Everyone loves them but they’ve received an update. This update now adds a more modern look to the classic. Long, powerful frills and fringes. Everything and anything modern. Ok, remember in BRATS when Shasha would always pull up in animal print? Well get ready to relive that BRATS fantasy cause animal print is back. You can thank Rihanna and Gaga for that. Animal prints like zebra and cheetah are the best for spring. They add contrast to a the bright colored flower.

Anyone heard from Bernie recently? Apparently his mittens are everywhere and are EXPENSIVE. Yes I know it’s spring – why would anyone want mittens? Think about it. They were trending on twitter for weeks. Still can’t believe they were donated. 

To close this off, it’s time for some real talk.  Fashion is about putting your own spin of clothing. Doing what you want. The trends are only there to strike inspo. Creativity is a trend. Step outside the box. Create your own clothes! Be frivolous with your clothes. No one’s opinion should matter so long as you feel good. End of story. Don’t be afraid to express yourself.