The Key Club is a great way to get involved

Virtual clubs have allowed students to stay connected throughout the pandemic


Logan Eckerfield

The Key Club is a great way to get involved.

Logan Eckerfield, Reporter

When Covid-19 started, it was a mere joke among friends. Now, 1 year later, it has taken away the many freedoms of students at Enochs. Many students have yet to even step foot on campus. Seniors are losing their last year before adulthood.

Sports seasons have been cancelled, and students have no hope for another year of school. Students do not feel a part of Enochs. They do not know how to be a part of the school community. There is still a way to be involved though.

Virtual Clubs have been going on, giving students an opportunity to feel like they go to their school. One great club for students to look into is the Enochs Key Club. This club is a great way to get involved.

They hold online service events where they make infographics about charity and make donations. They hold meetings to inform members of events, fundraisers, and business going on beyond the club level. They also hold socials for people to meet.

This club has helped a lot of people throughout distance learning. Frendz Caluma, one of the members stated, “Because distance learning prevents a social atmosphere from being established between students in class, being a part of a club give students that very opportunity”. 

Frendz also stated, “I personally have made so many new friends and connections through Key Club, and it allows you to meet people from other Key Clubs outside of Modesto. It is definitely something that helps me cope because I’m a very social person, and being muted and having cameras off definitely creates an environment that almost seems inappropriate to just freely meet with other students”

The Enochs Key Club has helped Frendz feel apart of the Enochs atmosphere and he is able to meet so many new people. Dakota Caton, another student at Enochs who is in the Key Club, has also enjoyed the company of other students.

“Being in a school club offers a sense of shared community and friendship between our fellow members that helps take away some of the boredom and repetition of distance learning. I know personally it really hurts to have to go to school on Teams and not be able to see anyone in person or talk to my friends at lunch like I used to.

However in Key Club, I’m able to learn a lot about service leadership and see my friends and make new ones from other schools on virtual calls, we can see each other’s faces and talk about just about anything we want while making change in our community, and it’s really fun. I never know what to one hundred percent expect when we talk at events, but it’s always fun and serves as a break from the monotony of school”

School clubs are clearly helping students feel more involved. If we can get more students involved in great clubs just like our Key Club, our students will be happier and more involved while we wait for return.