Is it time for gender-neutral bathrooms?

The discussion would be a vital part of total inclusivity


Gender-neutral restrooms would be more inclusive – benefitting all students on campus.

Tania Brierty, Feature Writer

Gender-neutral bathrooms have many benefits to all different kinds of students, whether that may be students questioning their gender, students afraid to use bathrooms they feel they don’t pass in, students with disabilities, or just an overall safe place to use the bathroom.

The benefits to gender-neutral bathrooms could help a variety of students at Enochs, especially those that are nervous about being in a binary gendered bathroom that may possibly make them feel unsafe or that they don’t belong in this could help. It offers safety for students who are unsure of themselves and want to feel welcomed. Transgender and Non-Binary students benefit from these bathrooms that offer safety that binary bathrooms may not require and or feel safe within.

It may not even be a matter of just comfortability but also safety – binary bathrooms are obviously segregated between both sex’s and not all students may feel comfortable or welcome kids who aren’t biologically that sex. This could possibly lead to injury and or assault. Though this may not seem likely to happen it’s better to have that option for students that are nervous about this occurring and if they want and or need it.

Gender-neutral bathrooms are also good for people with disabilities, the bathrooms usually are less crowded and or have more space/stalls. It can also help the opposite sex caregivers have access to the bathroom to help said the student. This may be difficult for students and their caregiver the opposite sex to try and find a bathroom they can enter with the student that allows them to be there. It would take a long time to look for a bathroom that you have a 50/50 chance of finding. These bathrooms may be beneficial to some but they still need to be accessible to students with certain handicaps that would require to be built with those accommodations.

These bathrooms are so beneficial to a wide variety of people and students. Those with disabilities, handicaps, along with students who are Non-binary and or Transgender, these bathrooms offer a much safer and better option for students at Enochs.