After 25 years, Moreci says goodbye to the classroom

The longtime English teacher is retiring after this school year

April 29, 2021


Jason Campbell

Barbara Moreci – who has been a staple of the Enochs High School English department since the school opened – is retiring at the end of this school year.

All good things must come to an end, and that’s exactly where Enochs English teacher Mrs. Moreci stands as this unique school year comes to a close and she moves forwards into retirement. 

Mrs. Moreci has been teaching English Literature and Language Arts classes in Modesto City Schools for 25 years – joining the staff at Enochs 13-years ago when the school opened. Like other teachers who have been teaching at the school for an impressive duration, Moreci’s longevity at Enochs has truly shaped Enochs into what it is today and changed its dynamic. Having the same teacher instills the same values in students, sends them off with similar skills, and gives them experiences and knowledge that allow them to relate with one another. Seeing such a dedicated Enochs teacher bid her farewell is certainly bittersweet, especially when she has been working hard at the school for so many years and played such an important role in Enochs’ student’s lives; but a happy, peaceful retirement is perhaps the most deserving reward for all of Moreci’s hard work. 

As Moreci looks back on her time as a teacher, she says that her favorite part of teaching is teaching students to be strong writers, and seeing them take these skills forward into college with confidence. Moreci reflects on the English subject’s unique and significant ability to allow a teacher to interact with and get to know students on a more personal level than most other subjects do – fondly remembering being able to see more aspects of her students’ personalities from their essays, the connections they make between literature and real life, and their commentary in class discussions. Though she enjoyed every class she taught, she will remember her AP classes with a special appreciation, as they “brought depth to the study of literature, language, and writing that (she) especially enjoyed.”

Moreci says she has an ‘ocean’ of fond memories from her time at Enochs. High on her list of what made teaching all worth it, other than engaging and interacting with students, is when a student from the past reaches out to tell her how much she has impacted their lives. She has received two of these this year – one student from 2008, and one from 2012. Being remembered is certainly one of the greatest honors for a teacher, and Moreci can be sure to receive more thanks in years to come as all of her recent students take what they have learned from her forward in life. 

Moreci will miss the beautiful Enochs High School campus, the kind staff members, and her home in room C223. In her newfound free time Moreci looks forward to spending more time with her family, and additionally plans on taking her first hot air balloon ride to celebrate – crossing off a longtime item on her bucket list. 

Many thanks are certainly due for Moreci’s long and impactful run as a teacher, and she will surely be missed!

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    Stephanie GuinnApr 30, 2021 at 7:12 pm

    Even if you’re not a student in her classroom, you still learn from this amazing teacher I enjoyed working with her very much and carry with me the nuggets of wisdom and sage advice she gave me to this day. Congratulations on a rich and impactful career!