Athletes have been missing out all year

While ending the year is great, it doesn’t bring back the time that senior athletes missed


Seniors this year faced shortened seasons, which may have impacted the ability of some to secure scholarships.

Jay Tolentino, Sports Editor

There is no denying that this year has been tough for everyone, especially athletes. Senior athletes this season across many sports had their seasons unexpectedly shortened, which could very well affect their scholarship opportunities and or their last few games together with their friends.

There is no re-do for them – there is no maybe next year. They had to give it their all in their select few games in order to even have a chance to play at the next level. Many look very forward to their senior season – it’s your last season with your high school and very close friends that you may never see again – but to have it cut short leaves a very distasteful feeling in all of the Seniors this year. To have your final season shortened will never be a good thing but the way it was looking in the beginning of the year, it seemed that sports were going to be canceled altogether.

Luckily Covid began to slow down and the district allowed some sports to have part of their season or even their whole season back depending on what sport it was. Some Seniors struggled academically with distance learning and missed out on their last season which is very saddening to hear about, even a petition started to let the athletes voice their opinions on the academic side of sports but it never gained enough traction.

With that being said this year was full of unexpected twists and turns and to finally put it in the rearview mirror is great, but not all can leave this year very cheerfully – especially the senior athletes.