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David McCann

David McCann, Reporter

David McCann is a part of the Enochs High School Class of 2024, and serves as a reporter for The Eagle Eye website. David’s favorite class is History and he loved AP US History with Mr. Carlin. After High School, David plans to attend MJC and study Sports Management, and Business, he loves everything about sports. He hopes to eventually work with a NBA/NFL team at some point in his life. Outside of school, David loves to hang out with his friends, play basketball, swim, listen to music and travel. Traveling is so relaxing and really important to him. He spends time catching up on shows, talking to friends, or trying to hit diamond on siege. David dreams of being involved with sports in his career because of his dreams and goals he’s always imagined himself accomplishing as a kid and he wants to keep that alive.

What David loves about Journalism: “I personally love the freedom and unique experience we get in Journalism at Enochs. We explore a vast variety of topics and styles of media, so that everyone has a chance to excel and have fun in their own way. We also have a different perspective about how the school operates, and how we cover events.”

What David loves about Enochs High School: “I love the diversity and spirit of Enochs, there's different groups and people wherever you look and you can find somewhere to fit in or make friends, and the school spirit in Football is unrivaled. Another thing he appreciates about Enochs is the teachers, EHS has an amazing group of teachers at every grade level and he has had some great memories and experiences with his own teachers.


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David McCann