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Logan Benton

Logan Benton, General Editor

Logan Benton, a part of Enoch's High School class of 2023, is serving as one of the General Editors for the Eagle Eye website. He would like to major in veterinary medicine or become a bail bond man. He is still deciding on what he would like to major in. In the future Logan hopes to have a stable career in one of these majors with a family, and to stay in contact with all of his high school friends. In his free time he likes to play video games, hang out with friends, or hang out with his family.

What Logan likes about journalism: "It's probably one of the most unique classes you can take at Enoch's high school, your job is to relay the truth to everyone. It's unique in its own way because its constantly changing every single day and there's always something to talk about. you'll never have a day where your average journalist tells themselves "we have nothing to talk about", and that's what makes it so unique, your discussing and writing about the current news so that everyone can understand it and understand the truth."

What Logan likes about Enochs: "I like about Enoch's high school is that there's something for everyone, you'll never have nothing at this school there's so much opportunity."

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Logan Benton